Zynga grows its customer base with Singular’s marketing analytics

We sat down with Jason Zhu, Director of Marketing at Zynga, to learn how his team currently uses Singular to determine the best marketing channels for acquiring customers, the main hurdles they’re overcoming, and the most important elements of a world-class marketing analytics solution.




My name is Jason. I’m the Director of Marketing at Zynga. 

About Zynga

Zynga is a company that develops and publishes mobile games.

High-level use case

Zynga is currently leveraging Singular by using its campaign analytics to help us decide which marketing channels to use to acquire customers. 


One of the marketing challenges that Zynga is facing is because we are working with so many channels—for example, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand exactly which channel has the best performance. 

Single source of truth for performance

So Singular helps us with that by giving us an insight into exactly which channel has the highest revenue and which one is the highest performing. Singular helps us connect fragmented marketing data by giving us a singular source of truth. 

For example, when we work with marketing we also work with cross-functional teams like creatives as well as finance. So by having Singular we have access to the same set of data across our teams. 


It’s important for Zynga to optimize the marketing campaigns at a granular level, because when we are acquiring customers from all over the world, once you know what exactly certain customers have in common—so, by breaking it down to levels like age gender and what devices they’re using it helps us most effectively deploy our marketing budgets.

Aarki, Digital Turbine, Jampp and Lifestreet join Singular’s Certified Partner Program

Our partners sit at the core of our technology, providing data excellence that drives the industry’s leading ROI and performance analytics to marketers around the world.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Aarki, Jampp, Digital Turbine, and Lifestreet are the newest members of the Singular Certified Partner Program!

The Certified Partner Program (CPP) is our commitment to the industry to set the standard for data integrity within our partner ecosystem. Therefore, we raised the bar high with strict requirements to be considered for the program. We categorized these requirements into three main areas of focus:

  • Data excellence: The partner is passing both aggregated campaign data and user-level attribution data
  • Data governance: The partner is passing all campaign analytics data via an API, has complied with GDPR, and has committed to combating mobile app fraud.
  • Service commitment: The partner has a minimum designated list of mutual customers, is receiving training across relevant business teams on the Singular platform, and has committed to ongoing market development and account mapping efforts.

We initially launched the Certified Partner Program last year with 12 launch partners, including Facebook, IronSource, Google Ads, and Twitter, who went through an extensive audit process to ensure they met the program’s requirements.

Aarki, Digital Turbine, Jampp and Lifestreet went through the exact same audit process, and we’re excited that they met the requirements and are dedicated to providing marketers with timely, granular and actionable performance insights.

Let’s take a look at each partner…

Aarki is a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform that helps companies grow and re-engage their mobile users, using machine learning (AI), big data, and engaging creatives.

Providing complete and granular transparency of advertising spend and performance to our advertisers has always been a key pillar of Aarki’s commitment to our advertisers. We welcome all industry initiatives that help champion a better and more transparent ecosystem as a whole as they are key to driving growth and trust in mobile performance marketing adoption.” – Nicol Cseko, Vice President of Product, Aarki

Digital Turbine works at the convergence of media and mobile communications, connecting mobile operators and OEMs with app developers and advertisers worldwide. We bypass the traditional app ecosystem by powering new revenue streams for carriers, a frictionless app discovery experience for end-users, and quality new user acquisition and brand impressions for advertisers.

We are pleased to partner with an innovator like Singular. Together we share a deep commitment to customer growth and fraud prevention. Because our software platform is active on millions of devices worldwide, we can help app advertisers and developers reach new users at scale while also delivering a frictionless and fraud-free experience. Our unique approach and Direct to Device ad units represent a new category of mobile advertising that is refreshingly transparent, and bypasses much of the legacy noise.” – Matt Tubergen, Executive Vice President, Digital Turbine Media

Jampp is the growth platform of choice for on-demand apps worldwide. They unlock programmatic marketing to drive incremental performance through User Acquisition and App Retargeting.

We are excited to further grow our partnership with Singular through this CPP initiative, and continue working together to offer our customers more transparency, improved performance, and actionable granular insights.” – Rafael Lima, Product Manager, Jampp

Lifestreet is a programmatic marketing platform that is deeply trusted by app developers because of our full transparency, granular controls and unrivaled integrity.”

LifeStreet is excited to be joining Singular’s Certified Partner Program, and share their commitment to data integrity, transparency, and trust. Compromised data has real costs to marketers, and efforts like Singulars are beneficial to our partners and the industry as a whole.” – Kristen Perry, Head of Sales and Business Development, Lifestreet

We will be working closely with all our integrated partners to build everyone to the same level of excellence as our Certified Partners. Together we are the trusted source for marketing performance analytics and look forward to further setting industry standards.

For more information on how to become a Singular Certified Partner, reach out to partners@singular.net.

1mg increases userbase while reducing acquisition costs with Marketing Intelligence

1mg is a digital retail and e-commerce platform located in Gurugram that delivers healthcare products directly to consumers, making healthcare accessible, understandable and affordable. It provides consumers information about prescribed medications and enables them to purchase them directly from their e-commerce platform. 

Their story

The team at 1mg had aggressive goals around scaling their user acquisition efforts and increasing their efficiency while keeping a tab on acquisition costs. As they have grown over the years, their KPIs have evolved. They started by focusing on installs to achieve reach and scale, and then transitioned to driving more first time users.

For the marketing team to reach their goals in a scalable way, they needed to be able to unify their siloed marketing data, uncover comprehensive performance insights, and make better decisions about how to spend their next marketing dollar. All of these data points and insights also needed to regularly sync with their internal database, which is hosted by AWS.

Their solution

To transform their marketing stack and establish a single source of truth for performance, 1mg decided to use Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform. The platform enabled them to automatically collect and combine campaign data across their media sources with their attribution data. This automatic data transformation uncovered performance insights, like ROI and CPI, at the most granular levels, even at a publisher level. These enriched data points and growth insights were then automatically synced with 1mg’s internal data processing systems powered by AWS.

 Marketing Intelligence
This is a fictitious dashboard

Their results

With their Marketing Intelligence Platform, the team at 1mg was able to make smarter, deeper and faster optimizations to maximize their marketing impact. Over the past year, 1mg’s user acquisition from paid channels has grown exponentially while reducing acquisition costs.

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3Q Digital powers faster, smarter growth for clients

We got the chance to sit with 3Q Digital’s Director of Mobile Strategy, Sophia Fen, to discuss how they drive meaningful growth for their clients with a scientific approach founded on accurate, granular and timely performance insights.




Hi there. I’m Sophia Fen and I’m an Associate Director of Mobile Strategy at 3Q Digital.

3Q Digital is a full-service digital advertising agency. We have a variety of offerings but I sit on the mobile apps team. We help our clients build user acquisition programs, mobile app store strategy.

Marketing Intelligence Platform

At 3Q we use Singular for our client’s marketing attribution and analytics. We use it as a cost aggregation tool. We use it for fraud prevention, as well as building audiences for both suppression and re-engagement.

Automatic Data Transformation = Speed to Insights

I think coming from the programmatic webspace I was so used to marrying the front end metrics, like cost, in the DSP along with the backend metrics from the ad server in an Excel report. So having it all in one place in one platform really allows us to make real-time optimizations pulling reports and kind of analyzing the data much easier.

Granularity to maximize return

For our clients having that really granular publisher level data has helped us work with our partners to optimize. For example, bidding up on app inventory sources that we see great performance on, maybe blacklisting app sources that we see as potentially fraudulent or just not wanting to show up on for brand safety reasons.

Industry-leading Fraud Prevention

Another marketing challenge big in today’s world is definitely mobile fraud. So being able to reject postbacks in real-time is key.

Scaling Up

I think as our clients look to really scale testing new partners new channels new markets having that single source of truth is really important and having the fraud prevention tool, the audience capabilities in place, really lets us scale really successfully and much faster if we did not have it.

Home & Shopping increases ROI by 73% with Marketing Intelligence

Home & Shopping increases ROI by 73% with Marketing Intelligence

“With Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, the team was able to uncover new opportunities to optimize our efforts. We can now test new ad partners faster and make smarter, more frequent optimizations to hit our goals.”

 –  Moonsoo Kang, Marketing Team Leader

Home & Shopping, one of the largest e-commerce companies in South Korea, provides customers with seamless digital shopping experiences whether they’re in the comfort of their home or on the go. They offer a wide range of quality products from apparel to groceries, all at competitive prices.

Their story

The team at Home & Shopping had an important high-level goal: become the #1 online mobile shopping platform in Korea. In order to do so, they needed to efficiently scale their efforts to acquire and continually re-engage shoppers. They also had to advertise across more sources to extend their reach and increase the impact of their marketing.

Scaling marketing campaigns profitably is a science. Data science to be exact. The team needed to transform siloed data into granular and timely insights on performance. But manually collecting, aggregating, and normalizing campaign data from the many sources they were advertising in spreadsheets was proving to be extremely time-consuming.

Even more challenging was trying to combine all of their campaign data with attribution data to understand the ROI of their efforts. This combining was proving to be impossible to do manually at the levels of granularity they required. They wanted to spend more time creating and optimizing campaigns, and less time on tedious data reporting tasks.

And ideally, Home & Shopping wanted to have all that information available in their internal BI as well. They rely on Amazon’s Web Services for their infrastructure, so it was important to be able to pull all their marketing data directly into their internal data warehouse in AWS.

Their solution

The team at Home & Shopping decided to transform their marketing growth stack with Singular. The team used Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform to automatically collect and unify campaign data from their 30+ sources with attribution data from Singular’s SDK to understand ROI and performance.

They were able to analyze campaign performance across all +30 media sources in a single, highly-customized view, and pull it automatically into their internal data warehouse in AWS. They used Singular’s Attribution to measure user behavior and comprehensively understand the impact of their acquisition and re-engagement efforts.

Marketing Intelligence Analytics
This is a demo dashboard with fictitious data

Singular’s powerful ROI and Performance Analytics enabled the team to analyze their marketing performance by the dimensions and metrics that mattered to them. The ability to uncover ROI at the most granular levels was key to uncovering opportunities to optimize marketing spend and ensure they weren’t leaving money on the table.

Engaging creative is a must when trying to capture the attention of shoppers. As a distributor of a wide variety of products across a multitude of brands, it was challenging for the Home & Shopping team to efficiently analyze the performance of their ad creatives.

They turned to Singular Creative Analytics to solve this challenge. They were able to visualize the performance of their image and video assets for the first time! Singular’s Creative Clustering groups similar creative regardless of minor copy or compression differences with image recognition technology so the team could understand how a given asset was performing across different campaigns and media sources.

Marketing Intelligence Creative Analytics
This is a demo dashboard with fictitious data

Ad fraud is a serious threat when you’re spending at scale. Thankfully, the team leveraged Singular’s adaptive Fraud Prevention to keep their budgets focused on quality users and gain full transparency into the impact of fraud on their advertising budgets. They created custom Fraud Rules to automatically reject certain fraud methods. For example, they automatically rejected installs that had an unrealistically short time window between ad click and install, as well as installs coming from countries that they were not actively targeting. Since leveraging Singular’s Fraud Prevention, Home & Shopping was able to save more than 24% of its app install ad budget that would’ve been otherwise wasted on fraudulent activity.

Re-engaging previous shoppers is critical to succeeding as an e-commerce company. The team at Home & Shopping leveraged Singular’s Audience Management to tap into their attribution data and create high-value audiences with precision targeting. Singular’s Audience Management enabled the team to automatically distribute their newly created audience segments to their media sources, and automatically keep.

Implementing a Marketing Intelligence Platform is critical to success… but Singular isn’t just about the tech. We believe in partnering with our customers to oversee their success. Home & Shopping’s Customer Success Team has regular meetings to check-in on the health of their marketing program and strategize for the future. Singular’s dedicated Data QA Team constantly ensures there are no data discrepancies and data piping is well maintained.

Their results

With a streamlined and powerful growth stack that is directly connected with their internal AWS systems, intelligent performance insights, and the support of the Singular team, Home & Shopping took their growth marketing to the next level. With the help of Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform, the Home & Shopping team amassed a huge following in Korea and was recently named the #1 online shopping provider in the region.

73% increase in ROI QoQ

24% of ad budget saved

15% decrease in Cost per Purchase QoQ

15 hrs saved per week


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DraftKings unifies siloed marketing data to uncover deep insights for growth

We sat down with DraftKings Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Jayne Pimentel, to discuss how her team leveraged Singular to unify their siloed marketing data and uncover deep insights for superior optimizations.




My name is Jayne Pimentel and I’m the Senior Director of Growth Marketing at DraftKings. DraftKings is a sports media technology company. Most people know us for daily fantasy sports. We’ve recently entered the sportsbook category, which has been around outside the US for centuries.

When I joined DraftKings, we had one product. We now have three. We brought everything in-house. We got rid of our ad agencies. To scale and to grow a business like that requires a lot of infrastructure. A lot of disciplines that aren’t really core competencies to DraftKings but things that we need to invest in third parties to allow my team to stay agile.

Why Singular?

I remember being a consultant when I joined DraftKings and my first call actually was a Singular call. And then before that when I was at Cognant, even at Machine Zone, over half our clients used Singular. So I was familiar with all of these great brand names that were out there, people like Lyft that we were working with, that also leverage Singular.

Establishing a single source of truth for marketing performance

Singular has helped us become fluent between different kind of siloed teams. The fragmentation of data is something that is achievable to overcome but requires a lot of ingestion of data as well as leveraging something like Singular if you can’t adjust that data yourself.

So if you don’t want to pay for a ton of servers to ingest impression-level data, click data, I mean that’s also just one piece. Then you also have user data within our apps. Then you also have revenue data and how we monetize. And the fragmentation even on the monetization of a user, how much they’re valued, needs to be also tied to how much we’re willing to pay for that user. And so that true lifecycle value of that user is something that requires data coming from email, S3 buckets, garbage Excel files, whatever it is. But you have to be able to have some sort of system to make sense of all that and to ingest it and unify it.

Democratizing creative reporting & optimization

And it’s also been helpful with our creative team. We actually use the creative tool within Singular often because our creative team, they’re visual people, they’re talent and they like to see the performance but in a more visual way. And also having the creative and the image that is actually associated with the performance, it’s been really helpful to start conversations to help with testing agendas and to make everyone accountable across teams now that we have a baseline around the data we’re bringing in.

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Personal Capital tackles cross-platform measurement

We sat down with Rachel Chanco, Director of Digital Marketing & Mobile Growth at Personal Capital, to discuss how they’re connecting cross-platform user journeys.




I’m Rachel Chanco. I’m with Personal Capital. I lead all of the Digital Marketing and Mobile Growth initiatives.

Personal Capital is a digital wealth management company. How we differentiate ourselves from other FinTech advisors in the space is that we are a hybrid model. We leverage toolset technology but we connect you with a personal advisor that can actually really help you plan things out.

Personal Capital currently uses Singular as its mobile measurement partner.

Connecting users’ cross-platform journeys

The user journey is pretty unique. A lot of times people will come from the desktop and then download the app. A lot of times people come from the app and then convert on a desktop.

One of the things I really love about working with Singular is not only am I able to understand data from the mobile side but because of the custom integrations we can do with Singular, I am able to understand a user journey from mobile app install to a conversion that may occur on desktop.

So rather than just sticking to standard mobile measurement events, I’m able to leverage the platform to connect if an event is actually happening on desktop, even though the user came from mobile. I can say that this user was actually valuable even though on a standard analysis they would not appear to be valuable.

So we talk a lot about cross-platform being a real problem within the industry and Singular is helping me solve for that.

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LinkedIn establishes a single source of truth for marketing performance

We sat down with LinkedIn‘s Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Strategy, Jake Bailey, to discuss how they were able to align internal marketing teams with a single source of truth for marketing performance.




My name is Jake Bailey and I’m the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Strategy at LinkedIn. So we actually have had a great relationship with Singular. And we have been really happy with the integration so far.

Their Challenge

What’s really fun about my job is that I sit on what is essentially an internal digital marketing agency and so we get to see everything from our recruiting services and job services to our sales, learning, marketing services, as well as our member growth and app acquisition initiatives all in one place.

What is difficult about that, is each team has its own KPIs, it’s own targeting, its own data. But having one centralized place where at least the front end data can live has really increased our efficiency.

A single source of truth for marketing performance

Singular has been very smart in finding a niche in the advertising industry where we as a company, we at LinkedIn, don’t want to maintain APIs with every single app network out there, because it’s going to be way too hard. There is Google, there is Facebook, there are all these third party networks. And if we can pay a company like Singular to own those APIs and own those integrations we’re very happy to just pull that data from Singular back into our own systems to then build whatever robust capabilities we want on the backend.

Singular provides this great front end data across app attribution, as well as all of our other web data, and then we can pull it into one unified place and marry it with all our conversion data, downstream data, LTV data and we can have one Singular, you know attribution platform in place.

And being able to sit on a team that can see everything is really great from a growth perspective. But then having all the data in one place also really helps align us when we have our weekly meetings with executives, or when we have our quarterly business reviews with the top people at the company, having one centralized data source is really important.

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Ilyon takes their growth game to the next level with 98% increase in installs

At a glance

  • 98% increase in installs YoY
  • 22% decrease in cost per event
  • 10 hrs/wk saved per week UA Manager


Ilyon is an up-and-coming leader in mobile entertainment with users around the world and more than 500 million downloads of their free-to-play games. Their vibrant portfolio includes titles like Bubble ShooterTM, Cookie Rush, Cube Rush, and Bubble Pop Spinner.


Their story

The team at Ilyon had aggressive growth goals: increase their user base at a rapid pace and keep those users engaged. They knew that advertising across more media sources was key to extending their reach and acquiring users at scale. This meant they had to test and integrate new media sources, and fast.

They also needed to be able to scale their ad spend profitably. This requires the ability to frequently analyze performance and ROI at granular levels. Which is not a walk in the park when you’re advertising multiple titles on more than a dozen media sources. ROI reporting and analysis for the level of scale the team needed was proving to be time- consuming, and downright impossible in spreadsheets.

Their solution

That’s where Singular came in. The team turned to Singular to transform their siloed marketing data into actionable insights to better optimize their growth efforts.

They were able to automatically connect and standardize campaign data for a side-by-side view of performance across all of their media sources. Better yet, Custom Dimensions enabled the team to tailor their reporting to their unique needs without involving their development team.

Singular’s Creative Analytics was key to improving their storytelling and breaking through to their audiences. They were able to compare image and video performance across all their media sources in a single view. Creative Clustering enabled the team to easily visualize the performance of a certain ad asset across different campaigns and media sources.

Automating tedious tasks was key to the team staying efficient and on track. They leveraged Automated Alerts to get notifications when there were meaningful shifts in performance, allowing the team to make quick optimizations.

With Singular’s advanced Team Management capabilities, the UA team was able to grant tailored access to other teams in the organization. The Business Intelligence team piped clean data from Singular to their internal systems to perform further modeling and advanced analysis. The Creative team used Singular’s Creative Analytics to visualize the performance of ad assets and direct future iterations.

Digital advertising is a quickly evolving space and it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully Ilyon’s Customer Success team was there for them every step of the way. They’d meet regularly to check-in on the status of campaigns and strategize their next move.

Singular powered our team to uncover accurate, granular and timely performance insights and was key to growing installs by 98% in the past year. We established a single source of truth for marketing performance, and were able to automate tedious reporting tasks and refocus our energies into making smarter media buying decisions.

Gabi Castellan, Head of User Acquisition

Their results

A smart strategy, hard work, and sophisticated technology paid off! With Singular, Ilyon was able to crush their growth goals and rapidly grow their userbase. They achieved a 98% increase in installs* in a matter of a year! The team saved ~10hrs a week per UA manager, which was reallocated to creating and optimizing campaigns.

* Source: AppAnnie


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Jam City optimizes campaign performance and creative strategy with Singular

We got to sit down with Jam City’s VP of User Acquisition Marketing, Brian Sapp, to discuss how his team is using Singular to optimize campaign performance and improve their creative strategy. Watch our discussion on Jam City’s use of campaign analytics below!




My name is Brian Sapp. I’m the VP of UA (User Acquisition) Marketing at Jam CityJam City is one of the leading mobile casual gaming developers in the West. We have a fairly large portfolio of games. Some of our tentpole games are Cookie Jam and Panda Pop. But recently we launched Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, [and] that game has been a big success.

Connecting fragmented marketing data

Singular right now we use to ingest data from all of our ad networks and as you can imagine, when we spend with over 40 networks, that’s a lot of data. The manpower it would take to go into each network and pull in that API, do the work, or pull it in manually, would be extremely time-consuming.

Singular solves that for us, solves it in a much faster time, and more efficiently than we could do it ourselves. And then, having that data in the dashboard, especially for someone like me who’s spending across 8-10 titles, we have a massive portfolio, the dashboard really gives us the ability to easily pivot that data whether it be by spend, by channel, by paid installs, by tracker installs, impressions, it’s very, very useful, as well as creative. Having all of the data, especially creative data, plus images, plus the data behind the creative, in one dashboard is extremely valuable for us.

Aligning with Creative Product Marketing

So we actually have a team called Creative Product Marketing that focused on our creative roadmap/creative strategy and they’re using Singular to look at our performance by game, by channel, and right now it’s the fastest, easiest way we have to do that across all the different data sources.

Next-level Performance Analytics

Singular collects a lot of the ad network data for us and we’re using that to look at CPI by campaign, CPI by geo, paid performance, scale, spend, organics versus paid installs. And so we’re also ingesting data from our attribution partner which allows us to kind of marry the two, and so we get very granular on Singular’s reporting for whatever questions we have.

I use it for executive reports, building massive pivot charts, visuals that I want to see across the portfolio. The combination of our internal tools plus Singular really gives me everything I need.

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