No Bull$h!t Mobile Attribution: One thing you can count on

By Saadi Muslu November 10, 2020

Mobile platforms might be facing unprecedented change. Device IDs might be going away.

But marketers should never lose the ability to accurately measure marketing, forecast growth, and make intelligent advertising investments. That’s why every marketer needs next-generation attribution: attribution that works in a privacy-safe world, is multi-platform, granular when ethical, aggregate when necessary, and always future-proofed against the massive change we see in 2020, 2021, and beyond.

It’s also why we’re happy to announce the next edition of the No Bull$h!t Guide to Mobile Attribution.

Mobile marketers have never faced more change. If 2020 and the economic impacts of COVID-19 weren’t enough … we also had significant changes released with iOS 14 and the deprecation of the IDFA. Plus, the entire industry faces ongoing and escalating legal struggles over app stores’ role in payments. And the upheaval continues: governments worldwide are sharpening their focus on big tech and antitrust, and any changes they recommend, legislate, or otherwise require will likely impact mobile marketers.

Today’s marketers need next-generation attribution: privacy-safe mobile attribution that is fully customizable to your apps’ unique customer journeys. Mobile attribution that’s holistic and full-funnel to capture performance insights needed to acquire, monetize, and retain high-value users at scale. Next-gen attribution offers proactive fraud protection, meaning fraud is rejected before it’s ever attributed, and gives you full access to your data in multiple ways (including a fully-managed ETL). In short: next-gen attribution is mobile attribution that fits your needs now and goes above and beyond to meet the evolving needs of the future.

It’s also attribution that makes switching providers painless.

The best solution in the world for optimizing growth might be out of reach if it takes your teams too long and too much effort in migration. Enter the Singular switcher’s guide, which lays out requirements for quick turnaround time, data continuity, complete support for all your marketing partners, no impact on internal BI operations, and comprehensive onboarding and training support.

Look, we get it.

Bringing on an attribution provider isn’t something you do every day. Switching isn’t something you ever want to have to do.

But delivering unprecedented growth and truly astonishing results — while transitioning with far less effort than you probably think it will take — is worth it. Our new No Bull$h!t Guide to Mobile Attribution gives you the whys and the hows without any of the WTFs.

The result is that you future-proof your growth with unmatched attribution flexibility, the most accurate data, and completely accessible data.

Get the guide today, and you’ll find a special gift just for you (check the last page).

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