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Powerful links for better user experiences and higher marketing returns

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Contextual user experiences to improve performance

Increase conversions with personalized 
onboarding and re-engagement experiences powered by highly configurable deep links and deferred deep links.


Provide the ideal experience, no matter the channel

Whether on email, social, paid ad or more, ensure all of your users are consistently getting the best experience for every time.


Optimize against complete and accurate marketing ROI

Measure marketing ROI and make better optimization decisions across channels with the industry-leading cost aggregation and powerful link.

Teams that leveled up their user acquisition with Singular

Reliable measurement of every marketing activity, no matter the channel or platform

Report on the impact of every link while giving your users the ideal ad experience, with powerful links that send users to the right place every time, no matter the device or platform.
Increase email-to-app conversion with powerful links that provide users contextual experiences and while ensuring you have deep insights into email performance.
Re-engage users with timely offers or cross-promote your apps with short links delivered via SMS and Push Notifications and gain insights into your most impactful messages.
Acquire more app users from the web with seamless experiences that bridge the gap between platforms with the leading web-to-app measurement solution.
Engage your social media following and drive organic growth with contextual experiences provided by powerful deep links. 
Measure the impact of every social link with comprehensive reporting.
Make your app shareable by letting users invite their friends and family. Serve personalized experiences, even rewarded referrals, while ensuring you have full visibility into clicks, installs, and opens.

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A complete linking toolset to level up your campaigns


Deliver the best experience for every user

From contextual user acquisition to re-engagement, we got you covered with deep links and deferred deep links that’re fully compliant with iOS Universal Links and Android App Links. Provide potential and returning users with the most relevant experiences to boost conversions.


Complete control to create and manage links with ease

Singular Links enable marketers to create and manage all tracking links through an intuitive UI that guarantees data governance and provides configurations for link behavior, attribution settings, and additional information, like creative ID, to append to the link.


Superior Analytics with best-in-class combining

Analyze the impact of every marketing link by automatically connecting and combining cost data from thousands of sources with conversions. Gain incremental performance lifts by unlocking granular ROAS across all campaigns, like web-to-app, influencer referrals, and more.


Customized branding for all your link


Branded subdomains

Create customized link subdomains that adequately represent your unique brand.


Shorten long links while obfuscating query parameters that aren’t user-friendly.

Deeplinks 101

Deep linking helps apps work like the web, allowing people to click on a link on the web, in an email or SMS, or in another app directly into specific functionality on a specific screen in an app. That helps mobile marketers create customized experiences that seamlessly continue customer journeys, app onboarding experiences, mobile commerce conversions, and more.

To learn more, read our glossary page on deep linking!

Deferred deep links are another type of deep links that work even if a user does not have your app installed yet. (In other words, the deeplink is deferred until the app is installed.) After the app is installed, the user will be taken to the correct screen or functionality in your app.

With deferred deep links, if a user clicks on a deep link and does not have the app installed, not only is the user directed to an app
store, but the deep link parameters (i.e. what page or customized experience to show to the user) are kept intact. If the user later
installs the app from the app store and opens it, the app accesses the deep link parameters and provides the user with a relevant

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