Marketing Analytics & Attribution for Gaming

Level up your user acquisition and monetization with next-gen attribution and analytics.

Analyze the performance data that matters to your games

Build customized reporting views that meet your game’s KPIs and illustrate your true ROI and ROAS across apps, web, SMS, referrals, email, and TV.

Fill data gaps caused by missing granularities or privacy restrictions

Unlock granular marketing performance for every campaign, publisher, creative, and keyword to easily analyze which of your game’s campaigns are ROI positive.

Boost monetization with a complete view of ad revenue

Measure ad revenue across all your mediation and monetization partners and tie it back to acquisition costs to see which ads are bringing you players..

Ready to level up game’s performance?

The Singular Solution

End-to-End Marketing Growth for Gaming Companies With One Simple, Holistic System

Optimize your ads based on clear ROI and performance analytics

Combined cost and attribution data from thousands of sources = granular ROAS at the source, campaign, creative, publisher, and keyword levels. Regardless how you monetize your game (IAP or/and ad monetization), Singular has you covered!

Singular is the only MMP that powers you to A/B test and analyze creative assets by image or video, side-by-side with upper and down funnel performance metrics.

Analyze the data that helps you to meet your company’s goals

Define attribution settings for every channel and platform to properly measure every step of your user journey.

Singular supports more attribution methods than any other provider, including customized re-engagement flows, multi-touch tracking (MTA), SKAdNetwork, UTM tracking, website-to-app attribution forwarding, and even cross-device attribution.

Unite your user acquisition and ad monetization teams

Automate your ad revenue data collection and align your monetization and user acquisition teams around a single source of truth.

Singular provides more ad revenue calculation options than any other provider, ensuring you have the ideal setup for your apps.

Give the right stakeholders the right access to the right information, where they need to see it

Capture and automatically transfer all your marketing data to your data warehouse, storage solution or reporting tool without a single line of code.

Singular supports all leading databases including visualization tools like Tableau and Looker, and file-based storage tools like S3 and SFTP.

Protect your ad budgets against fraud

Block fake impressions, clicks, installs, and conversions pre-attribution in real time to alleviate time-consuming reconciliation with partners and ensure fraudsters never get paid!

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite utilizes more detection methods than any other solution to catch the most fraud and save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Track how you measure up against similar companies in your space

Gain a market snapshot of gaming industry ad spend and marketing results and analyze ad networks’ major KPIs to improve your budget allocation.

Singular is the only MMP to provide benchmark data for the gaming market by vertical, country, region, and platform so you can compare your performance against other industry players and identify performance gaps and opportunities.

Unlock better ROI insights and player LTV with cross platform and cross-device analytics

Leverage single or cross device reporting to analyze granular performance across PC, console, CTV, web, and mobile for ROI that accounts for your full user journey.

Whether your launching free-to-play or pay-to-play titles, measure your launch and post launch performance with store and platform reporting breakdowns.

Rovio’s server-to-server integration with Singular ensures quality and privacy of our players’ data, enables us to validate once and rapidly roll-out across our portfolio, and provides flexibility to customize our user acquisition SKAdnetwork tooling building on top of Singular’s capabilities.

David Mason
SVP Technology

With new and dominant games emerging on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis, and new creatives added every day, Singular is our one-stop-shop for harnessing our growing amount of data. Singular helped us extract the data as accurately and as quickly as possible and with the granularity needed to significantly scale our mobile games.

Nimrod Klinger
UA & Marketing Team Lead

Unlike other MMPs, they are positioned to track across all your company’s web and app events. They are open to long term collaboration and influence of product roadmap to grow with your organization.

Josh Nadler
Product Manager II, Ads & Attribution

Singular provides us with [performance] structure, gives us back time in our day and improves our capacity to produce better creatives.

Fiona Lauredi
User Acquisition Director

Ready to grow your game’s user acquisition with the marketing measurement that matters?

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