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Ideal for teams in the early stages of building their customer bases and user journeys

$0 / conversion

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No credit card required

15,000 paid conversions

Best-in-class Mobile Attribution

Ad Mon reporting and attribution

Superior ROI Analytics

Cost aggregation

Data management

Fraud prevention

Track & analyze email, sms, social, cross promo campaigns

Easy deep linking and deferred deep-linking

SKAdNetwork Attribution

Powerful APIs

Only with Singular:

SKAdNetwork Cohort Prediction

Customizable dashboards

Creative reporting


Ideal for growing teams that need to scale their user base and improve their user journey

$0.05 / conversion

Everything in Free, plus:

Technical support

Customer Experience Team

Only with Singular:

1-on-1 solutions-engineer onboarding for all customers

Optional add ons

Automated data exports: No-code plug-and-play ETL


Ideal for large teams that need to drive incremental growth with custom features & a dedicated success team

Get a customized plan

Everything in Growth, plus:

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Enterprise-grade SLA

Cross-device Attribution

365-day cohorts

Audience Management

Advanced User Permission Management

Single-Sign On (SSO)

Private Cloud

Transparent Pricing Guarantee

No hidden fees that penalize growth

Pay by ad spend or conversions, whatever works for your apps

Avoid pricey add-ons; we include all the necessities

Trusted by the fastest growing teams:

Every plan comes with industry-leading solutions and services

Superior Fraud Prevention included

Catch more fraud with the industry’s leading Fraud Prevention included in every plan! Singular packs more prevention methods than any other provider and proactive blocks ad fraud.

All your data in one place

Thanks to our open integration framework and flexible ingestion methods, we ingest marketing data from any source across offline, desktop, and mobile.

The industry’s most advanced SKAdNetwork attribution and analytics

Collect SKAdNetwork postbacks across all your ad partners, easily define custom conversion models, and unlock better reporting to futureproof your app’s growth.

Easy data access with powerful APIs, complete log-level exports, and plug-and-play ETLs

We don’t hold your data hostage behind additional fees. Get your data every way you need; via API, S3 buckets, UI exports, or load it directly to your warehouse of choice (no code required!).

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Working globally and handling the most sensitive data, Singular is committed to top-of-line privacy and security. We’re compliant with all major privacy regulations as well as newer privacy initiatives such as ePrivacy, and regularly go through audits and pentests to ensure your data is always safe.

Yes. Working with the world’s largest enterprises, there are no shortcuts when it comes to security. We are SOC 2 compliant and go through audits and checks on a regular basis.

Of course. You can try the Growth plan immediately, and can contact us for a personalized demo and access for any other plan and/or product.

Yes! Our commitment is to give you complete visibility to your marketing spend and data.

Our industry-leading ETL product supports all the major data warehouses, databases, and data lakes available on the market. It allows our customers to immediately send Singular data to their preferred data stack with zero coding needed.

We’ve helped hundreds of teams switch from dated, legacy MMPs to use Singular. Our SDKs are developer-friendly, and Data Connectors and ETLs require zero code to set up. Our team is well experienced in MMP transitions and will help you navigate the ins and outs of implementation, data comparison, and best practices.

We can take payments by credit card, wire, or ACH.

Get a complete view of marketing performance and ROI with Singular’s world class attribution products