PC and Console Attribution and Analytics

Launch higher LTV titles with cross-platform measurement and ROI insights from users across PC, console, CTV, web, and mobile.

Unlock better ROI insights and player LTV with cross-device analytics

Leverage single or cross-device reporting to analyze performance across PC, console, CTV, web, and mobile for ROI down to keyword and creative levels.

Optimize campaign performance with web event postbacks

Drive better CPAs with a feedback loop that sends web event data to your network partners for campaign optimizations and mobile parity.

Track and re-engage users with cross-platform measurement

Enhance your attribution data set by capturing in-game events from PC and console platforms like Epic, Switch, and Xbox with standardized web and mobile links.

Gaming pros that have leveled up their performance marketing with Singular

Ready for an end-to-end solution to capture your users’ full funnel gaming experience?

Cross-platform solutions for gaming growth

Build user journeys that maximize conversion, we’ll do the rest

Track UA and re-engagement campaigns with cross-platform user experiences that are specific to how and where your user base plays.

Align campaign spending with in-game events for unparalleled granularity

Join spend and player engagements with automated link governance that standardizes campaign and attribution data sets with mobile parameters and web UTMs.

Quantify success with full funnel cross-platform and cross-device insights

Whether you’re launching free-to-play or pay-to-play titles, measure your launch and post-launch performance with store and platform reporting breakdowns.

Distribute cross-platform gaming insights to any destination

Close the campaign optimization loop by sending web postbacks to network partners, and by loading aggregate and user level insights into your preferred databases, visualization, and file-based tools via a single data pipeline.

We worked hand-in-hand with Singular’s engineers to design our PC and mobile cross-platform and cross-device use case. We appreciate their innovation as we continue to expand into PC Console.

Cody Christie
Director of Growth at Riot Games


A combination of Singular’s web SDK and s2s implementation is required to get started on PC and Console attribution.

Dev work that is required:

– The web singular SDK is needed
– Send s2s events from game to Singular servers
– Match ID must be implemented in web SDK and S2S game events (for deterministic attribution)

Our web SDK relies on local storage only, and does not rely on cookies.

Singular supports posting back game conversion data with many ad network partners, usually to their Conversions APIs or Offline Conversion APIs.

Reporting game conversions to these APIs can be used to enrich existing web campaign conversions (also supported through CAPIs) with lower-funnel game conversion data for campaign optimization.

Ready for an end-to-end solution to capture your users’ full funnel gaming experience?