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What is Next-Gen Attribution?

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Futureproof your mobile acquisition strategy

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Marketers need to adapt their measurement and ad strategy… and they need to do it fast.
The methods we use to track ad performance and privacy requirements are constantly evolving.
But with disruption, comes innovation. 

Expert curated webinars and resources to set you up for success


Are you thinking about how to run user acquisition in a post-IDFA world? You're not alone. Watch this special AMA (ask me anything) webinar with experts from Lyft, Homa Games, and ironSource to learn how to prepare for user acquisition in iOS 14.

User acquisition in iOS 14  /  On-demand

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User acquisition in iOS 14 

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Ad monetization can be a huge source of revenue if you know how to build the right strategy. Learn how Voodoo, Game Hive, Neon Play, and MoPub scale ad revenue and how you can apply their best practices to your business.

Ad Monetization Tips: How the Pros Optimize Ad Revenue  /  On-demand


iOS 14 + IDFA Changes

UA teams across verticals are increasingly leveraging the web to acquire and reengage app users. And it’s paying off big time. Join experts from Riot Games, Google, Singular, and DraftKings to learn how to succeed with this tactic.

Expert panel: How to acquire app users from 

the web  / On-demand


How to acquire app users from the web   On-demand

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Join teams who’ve futureproofed their marketing strategy

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Why the shift to Next-Gen Attribution?

Legacy Attribution


Next-Gen Attribution



Don’t settle for default attribution settings and blackbox configurations.

Fully customizable

Control attribution settings at the campaign and source level for reliable measurement.

Partial, inaccurate reporting 

Legacy providers lack accurate and complete cost tracking, resulting in fewer insights.

Holistic and full-funnel

Unify campaign data and attribution data to uncover timely, accurate performance insights.

Reactive detection

Fails to block fraud before an attribution decision, resulting in lost budgets and bad data.

Proactive protection

Keep budgets focused on real users by rejecting fraud attempts before they are attributed.

Limited access to your data

Your attribution data is yours-- it shouldn’t be held hostage by your vendors.

Complete access to your data

Robust APIs (free of charge) and ETL tools to load your data directly into internal tools.

Attribution Settings

and Insights



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Attribution Settings

Reporting and Insights

Fraud Prevention

Data Accessibility

Checks the box

Bare minimum doesn’t cut it in today’s privacy-centric world. And your data should never be commoditized.

Goes above & beyond

Measurement that enables data-driven strategies without compromising your users’ privacy.


Data Accessibility


Data-driven marketing isn't over. It just looks different in a post-IDFA world. Find out what losing the IDFA means for marketers, what it's being replaced by, and how Singular is supporting SKAdNetwork.

iOS 14 & IDFA changes: What you need to know /  On-demand

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iOS 14 & IDFA changes 


Everything you need to ensure your team is successful in a post-IDFA world, including an iOS 14 readiness checklist, what to expect from your attribution provider, and details on how to get the most out of SKAdNetwork.

The Complete Guide to Marketing Measurement in iOS 14


iOS 14 + IDFA Changes


UA experts from Rovio, N3TWORK, Liftoff, Smadex, and Singular share their best practices for success during times of uncertainty to help you ensure your 2021 user acquisition strategy is successful - no matter what challenges arise!

Tips from the Experts: How to Plan for User Acquisition in 2021  


Tips from the Experts: How to Plan for UA in 2021

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Catch the recording of this ask-me-anything webinar featuring Gadi Eliashiv, CEO and Co-founder of Singular, and Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at ironSource, where they answer tons of attendee questions about the IDFA deprecation and how to get ready for it.

IDFA Deprecation: How to Prepare Now /  On-demand


IDFA Deprecation: How to Prepare Now

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Wondering how to keep up with your users across different devices? Marketers from Truebill, Digit, Criteo, and Singular break down how to build a successful cross-platform user acquisition strategy.

Bridging the Gap Between Web and Mobile UA /  On-demand


Bridging the Gap Between Web and Mobile UA