Web 3 Performance Measurement

Cultivate, engage, and measure the next generation of apps and websites with cross platform measurement and ROI insights.

Optimize CPAs with standardized web links and full funnel reporting

Make better optimizations with standardized web links and UTMs that align with your campaign cost for fully joined reporting and comprehensive performance views.

Engage and grow your community no matter where they are

Capitalize on growth opportunities with flexible linking solutions that enable you to acquire and engage users with creative community outreach and development.

Save time by automatically capturing blockchain transactions

Leverage out-of-the box wallet ID support to measure user journeys and NFT transactions without manual device ID lookups.

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The Singular Solution

Measurement and analytics for today’s Web3 challenges and tomorrow’s growth

Measure your Web3 activity and growth with the cross-platform attribution

Reconcile transaction and wallet IDs with seamless s2s integrations that enable custom engagement models to support your currency launches, NFT drops, and other blockchain transactions across web, mobile-web, PC, and mobile.

Standardize data with templatized web links for reliable and granular insights

Automatically standardize and govern web links with templatized utms that align to mobile dimensions for actionable insights on the platform, campaign, country, asset, and keyword level.

Grow community with best-in-class user experiences and measurement

Provide contextual user experiences to engage contributors and communities with configurable deep links, deferred deep links, and referrals across mobile, web, paid, organic, and owned channels.

Connect every data type for granular cross-platform analytics and ROI

No matter the partner, no matter the platform, connect creative, bid, cost, attribution, currency exchange, or community engagement data via any method. Your one stop shop standardized data agnostic insights.

Load analysis-ready data to any destination with the Singular ETL

Customize data schemas from aggregate and user-level tables to load enriched cross platform conversion and cost data directly into your databases, storage solution, and reporting tools. With tools like S3 and SFTP for near real-time Web3 insights.

I think that [existing] UA strategies and everything, it all plays extremely well to Web3. This next era is going to be about the product side – how that has to evolve, but we also need to evolve performance marketing tactics to adapt to Web3. There’s a huge opportunity for Singular to evolve their products to be the first to bring to market a performance marketing solution that can handle full stack Web3.

Daniel Lopez
VP, Growth Marketing

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