Creative Analytics

Boost your creative KPIs with superior ROI and performance reporting for your campaign assets


Visual reporting

See your ad assets, like videos and images, side-by-side with their performance metrics.

Endless testing

Analyze the results of your A/B tests at deeper granularities than ever before.

2x optimization

Focus your ad dollars on creatives that drive results.

Leading marketers trust Singular’s superior creative reporting to grow faster

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The Singular solution to understand your creative performance

Analyze your creative performance

Collect data from across your advertising platforms and analyze a comprehensive side-by-side view of your creative performance and ROI.

Understand where your creatives perform best

View the performance of a given asset across different channels, campaigns and media sources by tapping into image recognition technology.

Compare your creatives

Assess the performance of your global assets by grouping similar creatives (regardless of minor copy or differences) with advanced pixel-to-pixel matching technology.

With new and dominant games emerging on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis, and new creatives added every day, Singular is our one-stop-shop for harnessing our growing amount of data. Singular helped us extract the data as accurately and as quickly as possible and with the granularity needed to significantly scale our mobile games.

Nimrod Klinger
UA & Marketing Team Lead

Unlike other MMPs, they are positioned to track across all your company’s web and app events. They are open to long term collaboration and influence of product roadmap to grow with your organization.

Josh Nadler
Product Manager II, Ads & Attribution

Singular provides us with [performance] structure, gives us back time in our day and improves our capacity to produce better creatives.

Fiona Lauredi
User Acquisition Director

Build customized reporting

Segment, aggregate, and structure your reporting with custom dimensions that meet the unique KPIs of your business.

Say goodbye to manual organization

Automatically organize and standardize your creative data according to your chosen categorizations, groups and/or segments to seamlessly push into your BI of choice.

Data Governance

Create clean reporting views with consistent and standardized campaign, creative, and sub-campaign naming standards. In short: deeper granularity and ROI are possible because the creative names match!

Creative Analytics and Reporting FAQ

Creative reports show you your actual creative assets, including images, videos, and texts, next to their performance metrics.

You can group the data by creative content to evaluate the performance of different creatives across campaigns and channels, regardless of any name given to the creative.

Creative clustering is a technology developed by Singular to group images that are very similar but not identical.
Enable creative clustering in your report if you have a bunch of similar assets with tiny differences, such as images with a different background color, and you want to evaluate their performance as a group.

Disable creative clustering if you have similar assets with small differences but you want to compare their performance against each other.

  • Creative clustering applies to image content only. Grouping by text always relies on exact matching.
  • The creative clustering option is not available if you group by Text (or by both Image and Text).
  • Selecting certain dimensions in your query will break the clustering. For example, if you select the Creative Name dimension in your query, the report will ungroup any images that are similar but do not share the same creative name.

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