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Cross platform tracking

What is cross platform tracking?

Cross platform tracking or measurement is measuring marketing success across channels. For example, a customer might start on the web and finish on an app. Or people might see your products on your app and want to view them on a larger screen before purchasing.

Whatever the direction, cross-platform tracking helps you understand the user journey and the customer journey, which enables you to optimize your app, website, and support services to make that flow easier.

Singular has put a lot of effort into ensuring that marketers can use the Singular platform to measure marketing effectiveness and customer journeys wherever that takes your users.

Interestingly, while in iOS 14 Apple is essentially deprecating the IDFA, in web-to-app mobile measurement the web page and the mobile app belong to the same advertiser, and tying in-app events to UTM parameters is allowed. This makes web-to-app cross-platform tracking or measurement highly attractive for marketers whose products are suitable for mobile web and web-based landing pages.

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