Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution now supports Facebook value optimization campaigns

By Saadi Muslu April 23, 2021

We’re now only a few days away from the iOS 14.5 release, and the ecosystem is providing its final guidance to marketers around preparing for post-IDFA advertising. Since the IDFA deprecation news dropped last June, Facebook and Singular have worked closely together to solve attribution and conversion management on iOS 14. Along the way, we’ve made enhancements to our partnered SKAdnetwork solution to minimize any disruption for advertisers.

One of the more recent updates to Singular’s Facebook SKAdnetwork integration is support for value optimization campaigns. With that update, Singular’s SKAdNetwork solution is among the first to support all three Facebook campaign types: Mobile App Install (MAI), App Event Optimization (AEO), and value optimization (VO).

What are Facebook’s Value Optimization Campaigns

Value optimization for Facebook App Campaigns uses a prediction of how much return on ad spend (ROAS) you’re driving to optimize campaigns for high-value audiences. While the other two optimization options are tailored for installs or a given event, VO campaigns help maximize your return on investment.

Singular’s Facebook Value Optimization Support

The added support for Facebook’s value optimization campaigns provides three main benefits:

  1. Enable SKAdNetwork optimization and reporting for all Facebook campaigns
    With the addition of value optimization, Singular gives advertisers support for all Facebook campaign types so they can hit the ground running post-IDFA. This support enables Facebook to optimize your campaigns for the highest return possible while providing you reporting transparency in the Singular dashboard or via our API and ETL alongside reporting from all your other ad partners.
  2. Import Singular’s SKAdNetwork conversion models into Facebook Event Manager to launch any campaign type
    Facebook has recognized early on the importance of supporting iOS 14 measurement and analytics via an MMP SDK, and interoperability with MMP SKAdNetwork solutions. Defining your conversion model once with an MMP and leveraging that same model for campaigns across partners is both more streamlined and critical to having normalized reporting and cross-channel insights.
  3. Ensure reporting standardization across ad partners
    Standardization is a big deal for SKAdNetwork Analytics. Being able to use the same Singular-based conversion model across all ad networks ensures compatibility for measurement and reporting. This is a critical role that MMPs take as it ensures that all your media partners are aligned on the same conversion values, and allows you to get apples-to-apples reporting across your entire media mix. MMPs don’t just collect and standardize SKAdNetwork data; we also provide a translation layer for conversion values to ad partners like Facebook. This is critical for being able to optimize campaigns, as well as for extracting back meaningful insights. Without the MMP, advertisers are at risk of incompatible data, disrupted cross-platform measurement, and conversion methodology collisions between media partners.

What’s Next

This is just the beginning of our work with ad partners like Facebook to provide advertisers the solutions they need to continue growth on iOS 14.5 and beyond. There are incredible opportunities to innovate on this foundation, including some exciting new tools Singular is working on for predictive analytics. We’re confident that with iteration and close collaboration, we can continue to evolve for a more privacy-conscious yet still effective form of advertising.

If you’re not already a Singular client, get in touch with us now to get a SKAdNetwork walk-through, demo, and access to testing code and our SDK.

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