Cross-Device Attribution

Get a complete picture of user acquisition and engagement across your users’ multi-device, cross-platform journeys.

Get rid of your data blindspots

Collect touch points, conversions, and events across platforms with app, web, and desktop SDKs.

Visualize your users’ journeys

Reconcile all touch points and de-dupe users to reveal a complete view of your user journeys.

Understand where to prioritize

Unify each user journey with cost spend data to unlock cross-platform ROI reporting.

Trusted by user acquisition teams globally

Ready to put your user journeys to the test?

The Singular solution for a clear view of your user journeys

ID-based mobile attribution

Deterministic, and device-level attribution joined with campaign data unlocks ROI and LTV insights for Android and opt-in iOS users.

iOS SKAdNetwork attribution

The industry’s leading SKAdNetwork attribution solution provides support for more conversion models and unlocks cohorted ROI analytics while staying 100% compliant.

Native web attribution

Measure events on your website using our web SDK natively or via Google Tag Manager, and accurately attribute traffic using our Web Links creation tool.

Web-to-app measurement

Enable, measure, and optimize web-to-app user flows with our cross-platform first-party measurement capabilities and powerful deep linking toolset.

Ready to futureproof your growth?

A complete linking toolset to level up your campaigns

Analyze the impact of every ad dollar

Automatically connect and combine cost data from thousands of sources with attribution data for an accurate view of your performance. Gain incremental performance lifts by unlocking granular ROI, ROAS, and CPA at the source, campaign, creative, publisher, and keyword levels.

Discover the value of each step in the user journey

Surface each step of the user journey and distribute credit among touchpoints with Singular’s multi-touch attribution (MTA) reporting. Easily analyze which partners are driving incremental value, and when, with actionable reporting.

Quickly connect every platform and network you work with

Enjoy 100% partner coverage to account for your entire program with thousands of dual integrations, including campaign data, ad monetization data, audience data, and bid data, to provide marketers with the most complete view of ROI and performance.

Customize your settings for the most relevant performance insights

Configure attribution settings for every channel, like touchpoint prioritization, lookback windows, and inactivity windows at the source and link level to correctly measure every touchpoint in your user’s journey. Singular supports more attribution methods than any other provider, including customized re-engagement flows, multi-touch tracking (MTA), SKAdNetwork, UTM tracking, website-to-app attribution forwarding, and even cross-device attribution.

Mobile to CTV attribution

Accurately attribute installs from CTV and OTT campaigns using Singular’s flexible CTV-enabled links and optimize with insight-rich reporting

Streamline your tracking across devices, platforms, and channels

Increase conversions with personalized onboarding and re-engagement experiences powered by easily configurable deep links and deferred deep links.

Access analysis-ready data in all your tools

Load mobile attribution data, web attribution data, cross-platform tracking, ad revenue, and upper-funnel data like cost, creatives, and bids. Singular’s no-code, plug-and-play marketing ETL writes aggregate and user-level data tables directly into your databases, storage solutions, and reporting tools. Singular supports all leading databases (Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery), visualization tools (Tableau and Looker), and file-based storage tools like S3 and SFTP.

Cross-device Attribution FAQ

Singular uses advertiser-reported IDs to tie different devices to the same user. The advertiser is responsible for establishing identity. We rely on users needing to authenticate to tie together different activities across platforms.
We believe this approach is the most aligned with recent privacy regulations and increasing scrutiny around privacy.

Yes, because users often change devices, your paid campaigns report inflated outcomes. Cross-Device Attribution is also relevant for companies running paid advertising for multiple products, which often utilize cross-promotion to help you understand which campaigns yield new users vs. not.

In web-to-app tracking, users on the mobile web interact with a banner to either install or open the mobile app (often utilizing deferred deep links and Universal/App links), moving from the mobile web to a mobile app in a single continuous session.

In this scenario, users are often anonymous when visiting the website, but the link in the banner allows for accurate tracking with a mobile tracking link.

Cross-device attribution does not necessarily involve a banner, and the user may interact with different platforms at very different times. Cross-device is also relevant when one of the platforms is a desktop computer.

Today we only calculate cohorts based on registration (sign-up). However, supporting this scenario is on our roadmap.

Deferred deep linking to improve conversion rates of our email marketing efforts, pushing users from mobile web to app where we see higher average conversion values, and tracking post-install conversions events in our app install campaigns, are all ways that Singular helps us every day.

Volodymyr Grinchenko
Performance Marketing Manager

Linking made easy! We suddenly had a problem with links that were live on social media platforms. They were all producing a broken journey for our users and we couldn’t figure out why. Singular helped us realize it was an iOS and Android problem and helped us find a work around.

Ameena Farrouge
Global Social Media Specialist

We use Singular for attribution and user-level advertising revenue tracking. It’s the first platform that has given us an exact view of our user acquisition campaigns’ performance. Now we can scale much easier the campaigns that are profitable and cut sooner the ones that have negative ROI.

Vlad Andries

A great solution for marketing data pipelines! Without Singular we would be required to support many different APIs or find another service to maintain these connections. However, no other service easily combines API data with product and attribution data for a singular (no pun intended) extraction source.”

Anonymous G2

LinkedIn’s MVP Partner! Singular helps us not only manage, clean, organize marketing and app data from dozens of datasets with one single API, but also act as our MMP to power our app activation efforts across paid marketing and preloads.”

Anonymous @ LinkedIn

Get a complete picture of user acquisition and engagement across
your users’ multi-device, cross-platform journeys