Singular, TikTok, and SKAdNetwork: fully integrated and ready to go

By Saadi Muslu May 1, 2021

TikTok is forwarding postbacks to Singular, ensuring advertisers easily get complete raw data access. TikTok is a brand-safe environment, as you can see in our 2021 Singular ROI Index. Still, postback forwarding is a nice confirmation for most ad networks and major platforms that indicates transparency and trust.

TikTok and Singular’s SKAdNetwork integration includes campaign data enrichment with campaign IDs, so you have data to optimize campaigns and conversion value decoding to assess the value of installs, and TikTok can optimize based on your advertising goals.

All you need, just like all of Singular’s other SKAdNetwork integrations, is the latest iOS SDK from Singular. That one SDK manages SKAdNetwork conversions based on the model you’ve defined in the Singular dashboard

Our TikTok integration is just one of our latest SKAdNetwork developments. We’ve already shared details on our integrations with Twitter, Snap, Facebook, AdColony, Fyber, Liftoff, Tapjoy, Vungle, and many more.

We’ve also released information about working with Google, which has said it does not plan to surface the ATT prompt. Google will be modeling some conversions, and I’m sure more details will be coming shortly.

It’s clear from the first week of iOS 14.5 that not everything is going smoothly. Getting app updates passed is challenging for many right now, and there’s a fair amount of confusion over what “tracking” means and who needs to ask users for permission to track via the App Tracking Transparency prompt. We’ve seen some of the most prominent players in tech run into issues, and it may be the case that some App Store reviewers have differing opinions on what requires ATT and what does not.

As that all gets sorted out, however, it’s good to know that the major partners you count on to drive growth and new users are SKAdNetwork enabled.

It’s also good to know that Singular SKAN has marketers covered with the most advanced SKAdNetwork suite available from a mobile measurement partner. Singular SKAN includes:

  • Clear role definitions for all mobile marketing parties
  • Unification of all your SKAdNetwork postbacks from each ad network
  • Mapping of SKAdNetwork campaign IDs to readable formats
  • Support for more real-time configurable conversion models
  • Validation of post-install conversions
  • Clean technical separation from classical mobile attribution, ensuring full privacy compliance
  • Reporting, include ROI and cohorts, that powers easy analysis, optimization, and better decision making


Learn more about our SKAdNetwork solution here.

Or, if you’d like to talk to a Singular representative about how to make SKAdNetwork work for you, simply book some time.





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