Mobile advertising cost aggregation: How cost analytics unlocks growth

By Saadi Muslu March 15, 2021

Do you need to control the uncontrollable? Jam City does. Would you like to save 15 hours a week? CrazyLabs does. Do you need to share cost data to 8 teams? N3TWORK does. Do you want to collect data from 40+ ad networks? Postmates does.

The secret?

None of them actually have to. At least not themselves.

Because Singular’s Cost Aggregation product does it for them.


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– Part 2: It’s not just about cost
– Part 3: What is combining and why should I care? 
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This is the fourth and final post (for now) in our four-part cost aggregation series. We started by saying that what seems easy … just isn’t. Then we shared a truth bomb or two: cost aggregation isn’t just about cost. And (almost) finally we talked about combining cost data with attribution data, and why that matters.

But it’s really all about a marketer’s ability to drive growth for their business, isn’t it?

Unlocking growth via cost aggregation

Modern marketing organizations for top mobile-first or mobile-centric brands are complex organisms. When every team functions well — and the product, experience, and service is good — growth results.

That’s how cost aggregation accelerates growth.

Part of it is streamlining workflows and automating manual processes. CrazyLabs saves 15 hours every week thanks to Singular’s cost aggregation: automating the collection and standardization of campaign data across all their media sources. That’s 15 hours that can then be invested in value-added marketing activities like building new creative or testing new networks. Part of it is making internal workflow more efficient. N3TWORK, which not only makes its own smash hit Legendary: Game of Heroes but also provides a scaling platform for other top games, uses Singular to coordinate no fewer than eight teams including finance, UA, media buying, data analytics, creative, and 3 marketing sub-teams.

Not to mention, of course, scaling to truly huge campaigns.

“If you’re trying to scale your spending from $100,000 a month to $10 million a month, you really need very granular, accurate data that comes in on time,” says Nebojsa Radovic, Director of Performance Marketing at N3TWORK.

Sometimes it’s just about collecting every detail, without having to invest in manually ensuring every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed.

“With Singular, we can collect every data point from every partner and measure results in a multitude of ways — by platform, by partner, by creative,” says Patrick Witham, Director of User Acquisition at Postmates. “There are always useful things to be learned about your business that can help you grow.”

Getting the right data to the right place

Ultimately, it’s about getting the right data to the right teams at the right time, from Finance/Accounting (those bills do need to be paid) to User Acquisition. The right place might be your BI systems that run forecasting or predictive LTV analysis, or it might be Singular’s dashboards where you can slice and dice performance data by a slew of dimensions.

Ultimately, you want it connected to attribution and conversion data to generate insights on ROI, LTV, and ROAS against multiple dimensions. That can’t be done without unifying access to the data, normalizing and standardizing it across all your media sources, and building a single source of truth for marketing performance (thus why we’re called Singular 😊).

Now your monetization team knows the cost of acquiring revenue and your acquisition team can craft smart budget allocation strategies. Knowing your cost per partner, tactic, or event by combining cost with attribution data shows efficacy.

And that unlocks growth.

From data to decisions to growth

For N3TWORK, that growth is millions of players in multiple games, thanks to better buy data and increased insight into payback windows. For Postmates, that’s an 80% reduction in cost per new buyer, and a 60% reduction in cost per registration … while simultaneously increasing conversion rates 100%. One of the drivers: seeing evidence in the data for which campaigns and creatives drove the best results, enabling the marketing team to quickly double down on success and cut losses on lower performers.

At CrazyLabs, saving time and increasing marketing effectiveness translated to literally billions of app installs and a position as a top mobile app publisher in casual games.

Growth is good, of course.

But efficient growth is better.

Because any company can grow, provided sufficient capital and the willingness to deploy it. The key to sustainable growth is understanding the profitability of the growth you create — and optimizing it in as close to real time as possible. You can only do that at scale by automating your marketing processes, and that includes marketing cost data aggregation, combined with attribution data, that reveal true performance.

More to learn?

There’s probably a lot more we could say about cost aggregation for mobile marketers, and how it drives growth. I’m guessing, however, that it would be better if we could show you rather than tell you. And if we could tailor the message to exactly those areas you care most about.

We can do that!

Simply book a slot, and our team will be happy to walk you through the Singular Cost Aggregation solution, along with any of the other product components we offer, and show you personally how we can drive faster growth for your business, while saving you time and money.

Get a demo here.

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