Unified Marketing Data

Cost Aggregation

Analyze the impact of every marketing dollar to hit your growth goals.

All your ad spend in one place

2x conversions

2X your conversion rates

Make faster decisions with accurate, timely and actionable cross-platform analytics.
Save up to 15hrs/week

Save up to 15 hrs/week

Ditch the spreadsheets. Transform siloed marketing data into insights automatically.

Align teams with a source of truth

Finally, accurate reporting of your marketing spend. Your finance team is going to love you.

The leading solution for cost reporting and aggregation

Cost Aggregation

How it works


Extract cost and marketing data from any source with flexible ingestion methods.


Clean, organize and enrich data for accurate, comparable views of campaign performance.


Get a real-time view across all channels. Visualize and pivot your data with easy reporting.
100% Coverage

Data Connectors

Account for your entire marketing program by bringing in your marketing data, no matter the source.

data integration
Three ways to tackle cost aggregation

Three ways to tackle cost aggregation

Your guide to getting unified & accurate daily ad spend reporting.


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