Cost Aggregation

Understand how every marketing dollar impacts your growth.

15+ hours a week, saved

Hand off complicated integrations, data reconciliation and maintenance.

100% data visibility

Combined and enhanced data for a full view of your marketing performance.

3x optimization ability

Break reporting rigidity with dimensions set up to work for.

Trusted to own the heavy lifting by marketers in every industry

The Singular solution to fully understanding your ROAS

Collect and combine all the data you need

Extract cost and marketing data from any source at every granularity (think bids, creatives, and targeting) for detailed ROAS insights.

Transform the data into analysis-ready reporting

Review clean, organized, and enriched data in a comparable view of your campaign performance.

Analyze all your performance KPIs in one place

Visualize, pivot, and slice-and-dice data with native reporting across all channels.

Ready to analyze accurate and complete ad spend reporting,
from all your sources, in a single place?

Beyond cost reporting –
a complete view of your campaign delivery

Automate the tedious

Free yourself of the heavy lifting with thousands of out-of-the-box and custom-built integrations directly with your media sources. Relax with full visibility into the status of your data and refresh your data as and when needed.

Gain the right insights for your growth

Make smarter decisions with custom dimensions and metrics for performance and ROI insights that are tailored to your business.

Fill the gaps with granular data reporting

Elevate your optimization for better ROAS with combined cost and revenue data at the deepest granularity, including standardized rich campaign metadata such as bids, creatives, and targeting.

Evolve your creative strategy

View your creative impressions, clicks and cost per image in a side-by-side view to better understand their ROI and improve your campaigns.

Maintain data governance

Automate the standardization of campaign names, creative names, tracking links, and more to deepen your reporting and truly customize your optimization experience.

Industry- leading support

global support

Account teams with
market & verticall

Dedicated QA team
to ensure data


Cost Aggregation FAQ

We do the heavy lifting for you, building Data Connectors directly with your media sources for all your cost data in a single place with accuracy guaranteed. And not just cost data – we also collect rich campaign metadata including bids, creatives, and targeting. This means you get insights into performance to know what levers to optimize for better ROAS – like creative, targeting, bids, campaign, and publisher.

Any type of cost beyond traditional paid ads i.e. referrals, podcast sponsorships, paid web, paid mobile, you name it, we can do it with thousands of out-of-the-box and custom-built integrations directly with your media sources.

Singular provides us with full-funnel marketing data reliably and thus helps us to drive growth.

Maximilian Groetsch
Senior Performance Marketing Manager

Leading cost aggregation partner with amazing customer support.

Anonymous G2 Review

Reliable Partner for Cost Collection and Analytics.

Anonymous G2 Review

Ready to have all your data, on all your reports, all the time, as granular as the networks allow it?