Cross-Device Measurement for Fintech

Maximize your marketing ROI with the compliant data insights that matter for your financial service.

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Streamline your marketing efforts

Unify marketing data across devices, platforms, and channels for actionable insights on web and mobile paid channels.

Acquire and retain users

Optimize your user acquisition with trustworthy reporting on KPIs like cost per install (CPI), retention rates, and user lifetime value (LTV).

Secure your customer’s data

Keep your clients protected with up-to-date compliance, security, and privacy measures that keep up with the evolving needs of the market.

Optimize your user acquisition and retention efforts

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The Singular Solution

The end-to-end platform fintech marketers need to power faster growth

Get a complete picture of your users’ multi-device, cross-platform journeys

Measure cross-platform transactions, whether offline, across apps, web, SMS, referrals, email, or TV.

Singular supports more attribution methods than any other provider, including customized re-engagement flows, multi-touch tracking (MTA), SKAdNetwork, UTM tracking, website-to-app attribution forwarding, and even cross-device attribution.

Provide the ideal experience, no matter the channel

Whether on email, social, paid ad, or more, ensure all of your users consistently get the best experience across your channels.

Singular’s easily configurable deep links and deferred deep links allow you to increase conversions with personalized onboarding and re-engagement experiences.

Keep your ad budgets focused on real users and avoid misreporting

Block fake impressions, clicks, installs, and conversions pre-attribution in real time to alleviate time-consuming reconciliation and ensure fraudsters never get paid!

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite utilizes more detection methods than any other solution to save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

Access your analysis-ready marketing data exactly where you need it

Capture and automatically transfer all your marketing data, including mobile and web attribution, ad revenue, and upper-funnel data like cost, creatives, and bids, to your data warehouse.

Singular supports all leading databases and visualization tools like Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Tableau, and Looker and file-based storage tools like S3 and SFTP.

Singular has a brilliant team! A really smart, proactive, technically savvy group of people dedicated to working around you. The Singular team has taken a lot of interest in what our business goals are and how our marketing works, and they have taken a very custom, bespoke approach to making Singular work for us.

Tom Bennet
Marketing Platform Lead

We see Singular as the market-leading attribution tool. The engineers are on the ball. Customer success and support are amazing. We just have a surety that we have the data we need. The bottom line from our experience, Singular just works, and Singular’s tools are intrinsic to our measurement success.

Devon King
Head of Growth

Understand the impact of your marketing efforts today!

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