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Deep linking

What is Deep linking?

Deep linking helps apps work like the web, by linking from web, email, SMS or another app directly into specific functionality on a specific screen in an app. That helps you create customized experiences that seamlessly continue customer journeys, app onboarding experiences, mobile commerce conversions, and more. 

Deep linking is often used for re-engagement campaigns. You can also use deeplinks to pass data to the app, like a promo code or a product identifier.

Deferred deep links are another type of deep links that work even if a user does not have your app installed yet. (In other words, the deeplink is deferred until the app is installed.) After the app is installed, the user will be taken to the correct screen or functionality in your app. 

Another key component when implementing deeplinks is, of course, measurement, which is required if you would like to analyze the performance of a specific user experience or channel.

It’s important to note that deeplinks work slightly differently on Android and iOS, where each operating system is providing its own mechanism for implementing deeplinks. (iOS has Universal Links; Android has App Links.) Singular’s deeplinking module leads the industry in terms of functionality and can be used easily and seamlessly to implement and measure deeplinks across all mobile platforms.

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