Audience Management

Improve your ROAS with targeted messaging for defined audiences.


Re-engage high-value users

Customize your audiences to re-engage inactive users or cross-sell to your most frequent purchasers across all your sources.

Improve your targeting

Create lookalike segments of your most active users or top spenders, to improve the effectiveness of user acquisition.

Optimize your budget

Save your budget for the right audiences. Suppress users who are already active or don’t fall into your targeting criteria.

Trusted to help acquire, retarget, re-engage, & suppress customers
with tailored audience segments

Ready to segment your audiences for targeted reach?

The Singular solution to create and activate high-value audience

Utilize marketing insights to create key groups for targeting

Create audience segments for new and existing users based on user behavior. Singular’s intuitive Audience Builder utilizes a flexible rule builder to create highly-customizable segments for re-engagement, retargeting, activation, or campaigns for loyal customers.

Automatically distribute chosen user segments to partners

Activate segmented audiences to test new channels for extended reach, test campaign copy for improved messaging, or a/b test ads to retain or re-engage a stagnant audience.

Singular automatically sends the partner selected audience segments and updates them hourly or daily (depending on what the partner supports).

Keep your audience segments up to date

Don’t waste your acquisition budget on users already acquired and engaged. Enjoy hourly syncs that refresh your audience segments and are ready for distribution at any time.

Singular’s auto-sync refreshes and redistributes audience segments to media partners hourly.

Extremely open to feedback, conversation, and giving a bespoke service. They are also very forward-thinking with the modern demands of Mobile UA.

James Young
Head of Growth & User Acquisition

I have been using Singular primarily for attribution, cost aggregation, and the primary marketing analytics tool, which has made my life easier and saved many precious hours of my day!

Edouard Favier
User Acquisition Director

Segment with complete coverage

100% Partner Coverage to account for your entire program. Singular is the only MMP with thousands of dual integrations and more partners than any other MMP, with new integrations on request.

Meet all privacy requirements

Never share personally identifiable information of your users.

Singular ensures that you meet all compliance standards – regulatory and partnership – when analyzing your audience journeys and building your segments.

Audience Management FAQs

Singular Audiences is a tool that enables you to tap into your user data from Singular attribution to create high-value audience segments.
After you create your audience segments, distribute them to your media sources for campaign activation, or distribute them to your internal dashboards for audience analysis.

Common uses for Audiences include:
-Re-engaging inactive users
-Targeting new users by using lookalike capabilities of audience partners
-Encouraging incremental revenue from loyal customers
-Suppressing active users from your campaigns

Audience segments are groups of users that you create based on app event data. You can view and create new segments by visiting Audiences > Segments.
Once you create a segment, Singular generates an hourly-updated list of advertising IDs belonging to that segment. You can download the list and/or distribute it to partners.

Singular refreshes your segments every hour. The refresh rate at the network varies from partner to partner, but most support at least a daily update.

Your network partner may display fewer targeted users than your Singular Audiences page. This is because your partner can only target the portion of your audience that is part of their user base.
For example, you set up a segment that targets 1000 users and distribute it to Vungle. Of those 1000 users, 900 are part of Vungle’s user base. Therefore, Vungle might show you 900 targeted users.

A distribution is a connection between Singular and a partner, such as an ad network. Singular automatically sends the partner selected audience segments and updates them hourly or daily (depending on what the partner supports).

Ready to acquire, retarget, & re-engage your audiences?