Marketing ETL

Capture and automatically transfer all your marketing data to your data warehouse, without a single line of code.

Save time collecting the most reliable data

Transfer all your aggregate and user-level data automatically through one single process, fully-managed by Singular.

Drive efficiency with faster decision-making

Optimize in real time and cut out manual error with automated hourly updates that support all functions needed.

Cut costs with zero maintenance requirements

Eliminate the expense and wasted human resources dedicated to managing pipelines and data maintenance.

Trusted to automatically deliver analysis-ready data
just where they need it

The leading plug-and-play marketing ETL solution

Extract the most granular data across all channels

Collect and connect all your marketing data automatically with the industry’s most  flexible integration methods: APIs, web dashboards, email, and internal BI systems.

Transform your data into normalized schemas

Rely on the most standardized, unified, and enriched marketing data for  actionable growth insights and fast optimizations.

Load clean and enriched data exactly where you choose

Transfer your clean marketing data directly into your favorite data warehouse (e.g. Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, Postgres, etc…) or storage services (S3, GCS, SFTP).

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Simplify your data collection

Forget data gaps when capturing the most granular marketing data from every source. No more building and maintaining dozens of APIs, postback endpoints, and dealing with unreliable data pipelines.

Standardize your data schemas

Automate your data standardization into customisable data schemas that combine mobile attribution data, web attribution data, cross-platform tracking, ad revenue, and upper-funnel data like cost, creatives, and bids.

Create one unified data view

Automatically make data accessible to your stakeholders with a seamless plug-and-play transfer of your normalized data, directly into your favorite BI or reporting tool, or sent periodically through Singular’s API endpoint.

Offload marketing data maintenance

Save precious DevOps and engineering resources by offloading the maintenance of marketing data pipelines, schema planning, and handling late arrival data.

Gain workflow efficiencies

Avoid the need to continuously recalibrate when scaling up or down due to changes in your marketing data volume. Time saved. Money saved.

Optimize your operations with the right data, when you need it

Ensure that your teams are always in the know with the right near real-time data and on-demand updates to empower them to react quickly and make changes that drive positive business growth.

Marketing ETL FAQ

Aggregated Campaign Data: Ad spend (campaign cost), creative data, install and re-engagement stats, and other KPIs Singular pulls from ad networks and MMPs, broken down by source (network), app, os, country, and other dimensions.

Aggregated Ad Monetization Data: Data about your ad revenue, ad requests, and ad impressions. For more information about Singular’s ad monetization data, see the Ad Monetization Analytics FAQ.

User-Level Data: User-level information from Singular’s attribution logs, including attributions (conversions), in-app events, SKAN postbacks, and others. This data is available if you are using Singular’s attribution service (for mobile, web, or cross-device). This data resembles what’s you would see from the exported logs (see the Export Logs and User-Level Data FAQ).

User-Level Ad Revenue Data: If you are collecting user-level ad monetization data in Singular from mediation partners (see Ad Revenue Attribution FAQ and Troubleshooting), you can export it using this type of data destination. You can export data from IronSource, AppLovin, and MoPub.

Aggregated data is typically pushed every 6 hours, while user-level data is pushed every hour. Note that this does not necessarily represent the freshness of the data, which depends on other variables, including the data source used by Singular.

For user-level data, you can expect 95% of events to be exported to your system within 3 hours after they occurred. A small minority of events may take a longer time to be processed and exported.

Singular provides great front end data across app attribution, and all our web data, allowing us to pull it into one unified place and marry it with all our conversion data, downstream data, and LTV data. Being part of a team that can see all the data in one place really helps to align us for executive or quarterly business meetings and reviews.”

Jake Bailey
Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and Strategy

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