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It’s not about whether the other MMPs have less or more features. It’s that when there is an issue, which inevitably happens with any MMP, Singular is very quick to act and figure out a solution with us.

Gus Viegas

Head of Growth

1M a month

In UA spend

1 of the top

simulation games worldwide


scale with a small team and limited resources
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Singular stood out as the solution willing to work directly with the compliance partners to figure out what was needed [to build a compliant kids app measurement solution].

Stefano Accossato

Head of UA & Ad Monetization


new users


increased spend within the first 3 months of integration


dedicated UA teams
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We needed to aggregate all of our performance and creative data in a single place. With our previous provider, we had to pull our data from their API and build our own internal dashboards.

Edouard Favier

User Acquisition Director

24 HRS

faster SKAN data

3-5 Hours

of work saved per week with clear reporting tools

3 Apps

migrated to Singular
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Our success is Singular’s success, and we really feel that. The first thing I do when evaluating a new tool is to figure out if we’re real partners or just a number on a spreadsheet.

Said Salles

Co-Founder & CGO


Campaign links migrated


Increased # of new payers per day


Data migrated
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When I think of Singular, I think of reliable, accurate, and timely analytics, super responsive and knowledgeable support team, and ease of exporting and consuming the data.

Rajat Kumar

Director, Product Growth


Custom fraud rules


weeks of time saving


integrated partners

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