Singular, Twitter, and SKAdNetwork: integrated and ready to go

By Jonathan Chen March 24, 2021

Singular and Twitter are now integrated for SKAdNetwork-based attribution.

This is great news for mobile marketers because finally, all the pieces are falling into place. Singular and Snap are ready to go with a full iOS 14 integration, Facebook and Singular are integrated, Tiktok is good to go along with many other ad network partners and platforms, and we know how Singular will be working with Google for iOS 14 campaigns.

Now we’re happy to announce that Twitter is live.

“Our goal is to ensure the privacy of the people on Twitter while giving brands what they need to market effectively,” says Liwei Chen, Staff Product Manager at Twitter. “This integration with Singular enables us to make both happen.”

Our goal is to ensure the privacy of the people on Twitter, while giving brands what they need to market effectively…This integration with Singular enables us to make both happen.

Liwei Chen, Staff Product Manager at Twitter

For Singular’s integration with Twitter, we’ll be pulling raw data from Twitter’s database which we’ll then make available both in Singular’s SKAdNetwork dashboards and our API. At first, the data will be in our raw data API only, but eventually, the Twitter SKAN data will also be ingestible via Singular’s standard API.


The upshot is that marketers will be able to view all their marketing data from all their partners, including Twitter, in one place. And, of course, see all their SKAdNetwork data as well. You’ll be able to get Twitter data both in the raw SKAdNetwork screen as well as the new report.

While we’ve heard rumors that Apple may slightly delay the rollout of iOS 14.5 to give the mobile marketing ecosystem more time to build full implementation of all the tools needed to support SKAdNetwork, there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen immediately. As such, we’re happy to be able to support user acquisition and marketing professionals with everything they need to continue doing their jobs with as minimal interruption as possible.

In other updates, we’ve enhanced our SKAdNetwork integration with Facebook, added additional features for enriching SKAN data with campaign and adset data from your ad networks and media sources, and added additional features around conversion models.

Just one example:

Conversion values that you set up in your models map to events that we’re reporting on, so we’re automatically creating a custom event with the right name whenever you set a conversion model live. Ultimately, it means less manual work for marketers.

Also, customers will see new features on their reports pages.

Any questions? Need help?

There’s a lot of new complexity in mobile marketing on iOS 14, so we totally understand if you have more questions. If so, we’d like to help. Get connected, pick a slot, and let’s chat.

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