Our mission is to empower businesses to drive growth with unified marketing data, intelligent insights, and automation.

Our values

These values reflect who we are and help us make decisions about business, product, and culture. These are the ideals that keep us grounded.

Drive growth for our customers

Everything we do is focused on helping our customers drive growth for their business. Our individual efforts combine together to bring value to our customers - we depend on their success just as much as they depend on ours.

Make an impact

Our team is empowered with a clear understanding of our vision to drive a strong footprint in our collective journey. We are all our own CEOs and our contributions are transformational. We experience the journey together.

Embrace chutzpah

We’re always challenging existing paradigms. We set new standards, uncover deeper stories and boldly take on challenges. We apply the Chutzpah mindset to our industry, our product, our customers, and ourselves.

Unify exceptional people

We believe in building deep connections - between teams, cultures and yes, even systems. Our team is a unique combination of high IQ, EQ and AQ. We care more about accomplishment than credit. These are the people we want to work with the rest of our lives.

How we got here

  • JANUARY 2014
    Singular was founded, the San Francisco & Tel Aviv offices open
  • APRIL 2014
    Seed funding raised
  • NOVEMBER 2014
    Series A funding raised
  • JULY 2017
    Singular acquires Apsalar & the Bangalore office opens
  • JANUARY 2018
    The London office opens
  • JUNE 2018
    First UNIFY growth marketing summit
  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    Series B funding raised
  • DECEMBER 2018
    The Seoul office opens
  • FEBRUARY 2019
    Global-first cross-platform, cross-device ROI Analytics announced

Meet the people who made it happen