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What is an ad network?

Ad networks aggregate ad inventory from sellers such as apps and publishers and matches them with buyers looking to purchase ad inventory. Ad networks connect demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms in order to facilitate the purchase of ad inventory across various networks.

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Why are ad networks important?

As BigCommerce writes about the importance of ad networks:

The growth of advertising networks, and the wealth of user data that has come with it, presents tremendous opportunities for marketers who want to expand their reach with consumers. Whether your goals are to build awareness or generate conversions, an advertising network can help you find your audience and get results.

If you want to learn more about how the performance of ad networks compare to each other, check out our Singular ROI Index for 2022, which identifies the top media sources globally for return on investment, retention, and fraud.

How does Singular work with ad networks?

Singular works with both ad networks and advertisers to improve their marketing analytics, attribution, reporting, and ad monetization. In particular, the platform connects to all the major ad networks in order to provide the following solutions to advertisers:

  • Marketing analytics: Singular’s marketing analytics platform allows you to take a scientific approach to growth by identifying campaign optimization opportunities with granular performance insights.
  • Cost aggregation: By aggregating costs across ad networks, Singular provides advertisers with unified marketing data that is ready for analysis. Specifically, the cost aggregator collects, transforms, and analyzes data to provide a real-time view of expenses across all channels.
  • Ad monetization: Ad monetization analytics allows app businesses to reveal insights and opportunities that can lead to increased profits through collecting, normalizing, and aggregating ad revenue across monetization partners.
  • Mobile attribution: Finally, mobile attribution allows advertisers to accurately measure and analyze the impact of their marketing efforts across the entire customer lifecycle. By analyzing every ad dollar spent across ad networks, this allows marketers to get a complete view of their ROI and campaign performance.
  • Fraud prevention: Whenever using ad networks there exists the possibility of encountering ad fraud. To solve this, Singular’s fraud prevention uses the latest cybersecurity techniques to block fraudulent activity and ensure that ad budgets are focused on high-quality users.

In short, Singular works with ad networks in order to provide advertisers with accurate and up-to-date insights on their monetization and marketing efforts. By aggregating data across multiple ad networks into a single platform, this gives marketers a holistic view of how each channel is contributing to their bottom line.


Want to learn how Singular works with ad networks to optimize marketing efforts?

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