Benchmarks for Gaming

Discover market trends and uncover opportunities

Stay ahead of industry trends

Improve performance with visibility in what other gaming marketers are doing to drive their growth.

Improve your marketing performance

Benchmark your performance metrics against the industry to identify your successes, misses and gaps.

Identify market opportunity

Control your ad spend and identify market opportunities with transparency into network KPIs.

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The Singular Solution

Leverage ‘Portfolio Reporting' to
 determine growth opportunities

Compare your data directly against gaming industry benchmarks to rank your spend against others and understand where you may be over and under spending.

Utilize ‘Networks Optimization’ for a bird’s eye view of major network KPIs

Analyze the major KPIs of each network (eCPI, CPM, CTR, CVR and oCVR) to better understand how to improve your budget allocation. Go granular by easily segmenting the data by vertical, country, region, and platform and view in relation to your own usage (per app), or as a general view.

Gain a ‘Market Snapshot’ of gaming industry spend and results

Strategize where to put your next ad dollar by analyzing which ad networks others in your industry, or specific market segments, are using.

Uncover gaming benchmarks

-Cost and install trends according to vertical, region or platform
-Trends year over year
-Trends over the last year
-Trends in organic vs paid installs

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