Introducing the Complete Guide to Marketing Measurement in iOS 14

By John Koetsier September 10, 2020

It’s a good thing you’re in the technology industry and like change. But change that happens to you is a little harder to deal with than change you create.

So we’ve built something to help.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the degree of change in the mobile marketing landscape, you’re not alone. There’s a lot going on. iOS 14 is bringing huge shifts.

We can help.

– Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv

iOS 14 changes a lot about mobile marketing. It has platform-based mobile app install attribution, a first in the mobile world. It’s deterministic, which was available before, but probabilistic, which can be helpful, is out the window. App installs are cryptographically signed by Apple, which is likely to have a great impact on fraud, but post-install conversions are not, opening a back door for the bad guys. It offers post-install data, but only on one event, and with new time-based incremental machinery. And, of course, the biggie driving all this: the IDFA is getting de facto deprecated, despite being still theoretically available. Which means, most likely, you can kiss granular per-user attribution a sweet goodbye, replacing it with campaign-level attribution.

Of course, we now have more time, as Apple is delaying full implementation of the privacy provisions in iOS 14. And that presents a massive opportunity: to test IDFA-driven and SKAdNetwork-driven attribution models side-by-side.

For that reason, figuring out how to do mobile user acquisition in iOS 14 is urgent.

You will likely never again have the opportunity to run granular and campaign-aggregate attribution measurement simultaneously on iOS. You need to jump on that immediately to ensure your optimization and decisioning tools can adequately power the insights you need to drive growth.

We’ve got your back.

Over the past months we’ve been publishing the very best information on iOS 14, IDFA, SKAdNetwork, aggregated campaign-based attribution, and measuring post-install events. Now we’re bringing it all together in one place. And updated it, of course, as major players like Facebook share how they’ll be working with iOS 14.

The result is a methodical step-by-step overview of:

  • What’s changing
  • What you need to know
  • How you can still do attribution in iOS 14
  • What you need to do to prepare
  • How to approach your data and marketing vendors to see if they’re ready
  • How to avoid fraud in SKAdNetwork
  • How to enable cohort metrics
  • How to do ROAS analysis for iOS 14 campaigns
  • What to do with the extra time Apple has given us

Change is here, whether we like it or not. But at least now you have the ability to prepare. And with this guide, you’ll have everything you need to do so.

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