Unified Marketing Data

Connect marketing inputs to business outcomes at the most granular levels for unrivaled analytics

Unified Marketing Data

One platform that automatically connects and combines siloed marketing data sets, no matter the source, to get a complete view of marketing performance down to the user-level.

Data connectors

Streamline your growth stack and establish a single source of truth for marketing

Flexible ingestion methods
From direct API integrations to web dashboards, email to internal BI systems, we have the most flexible integration methods to ingest marketing data from any source across mobile, desktop and offline.
Collect data from any source
Account for your entire marketing program by bringing in all of your marketing data, no matter the source. Bring in campaign data from web, mobile, email, TV and more!


Measure the impact of your marketing across the entire user journey at the most granular levels

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Unmatched access

In addition to thousands of marketing analytics integrations, our marketers also gain deeper insights working with us as an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Google App Attribution Partner, Apple Ad Partner, Pinterest Marketing Partner, Snapchat Measurement Partner, and Twitter Partner.

Superior tracking

Attribute user behavior across the customer journey, on mobile and web, to understand the impact of your acquisition and engagement efforts down to user-level. Programmatically generate error-proof tracking links, built for maximum granularity and data governance. Protect against all known forms of fraud with the industry’s leading Fraud Prevention Suite.

Flexible attribution reporting

Ingest events from all your data sources and automatically map events to campaign data to see which marketing programs drive the highest conversion rates. Dig deep into your data, to unlock insights at the creative, keyword and even user level. Measure the events that are unique to your business by easily setting up custom events.

Cross-Device Attribution

Connect marketing spend data to conversion results across devices and platforms. Singular’s Cross-device attribution ingests granular campaign data, such as spend, from thousands of sources and connects it with attribution data from our easy-to-implement app and web SDKs (coming soon), bringing the full customer journey into a single view. The result is the most accurate cohorted ROI and CPA metrics available to marketers, at the deepest levels of granularity.

Data governance

Data Completeness

With our deep integrations, flexible ingestion methods, and ability to track and collect every data signal made available, we automatically enrich missing information otherwise not provided by marketing partners to get the full picture of your performance and customer journey.

Data Accuracy

Our proprietary technology constantly scrubs and audits your data for discrepancies due to network issues, human errors, changed integrations, and failed data combining.

Data Privacy

Our unique, multifaceted security protocols have met or exceeded standards of leading retailers and financial institutions. Our data governance and protection standards fully address the demands of the world’s largest advertisers. We are fully compliant with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. Our data protections include owned-and-operated servers in a SOC-2 certified facility, encryption for data while at rest or in transit, and available two-factor authentication.

Single source of truth across your organization

Our flexible Team Management tool allows you to grant tailored access to other teams in your organization. BI teams get a central marketing data infrastructure, and easy access to clean, enriched marketing data from our API. The Creative team can visualize creative performance to direct future iterations. Finance has access to the data needed to reconcile costs and create profit and loss statements.

Single source of truth across your organization

Industry-leading support

24/7 global support
Account teams with
market & vertical expertise
Dedicated QA team to
ensure data accuracy
On-demand integrations

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