Marketing Analytics

Take a scientific approach to your growth strategy and expose new optimization opportunities to maximize results with timely, accurate and granular performance insights

Intelligent Insights

Unrivaled ROI insights

Expose accurate and timely insights, both at a high level and at the most granular levels, to optimize marketing spend. We’re committed to providing ROI at the most granular levels, and do so across more media sources than any other solution. Dig deep into your analytics with 8 layers of granularity to maximize returns and outcomes.

marketing analytics

Visualize creative level insights

Improve your storytelling with the ability to visualize your ad creatives and their performance, including ROI, side-by-side. Understand how a given asset is performing across different campaigns and sources by tapping into our proprietary image recognition technology to automatically group creatives regardless of minor copy or compression differences.

Tailored analytics

Say “bye” to one-size-fits-all marketing analytics. Customize your analytical views with the dimensions, metrics and events that matter to your business.

Custom dimensions
Group data by dimensions that matter to your business and provide the ability to analyze down to the creative level.
Custom metrics
Apply custom calculations to your spend, revenue and any other metric.
Custom events
Ingest & automatically map events to marketing data to see which programs drive the higher conversion rates.

Best-in-class fraud prevention

As an integrated platform with unprecedented visibility into marketing ecosystems, our fraud prevention suite utilizes all known prevention methods to ensure maximum protection against existing fraud threats as well as unknown threats to come.

Ad Monetization analytics

Automatically collect, normalize and combine ad revenue data across monetization partners into a single, holistic view. Compare and contrast the performance of your ad monetization providers to better allocate inventory and maximize ad sales revenue.

Industry-leading support

24/7 global support
Account teams with market & vertical expertise
Dedicated QA team to ensure data accuracy
On-demand integrations

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