Singular for Agencies & Growth Consultants

Accurately measure your impact on your clients’ growth with next-gen analytics & attribution tailored to every need.

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Power your activities with the right tech stack

Put your time, resources and focus on what you do best with the right attribution tech and industry expertise.

Prepare your clients for future growth

Lay the foundations of your clients’ success with one holistic toolset for every step of their marketing journey.

Customize your clients’ reporting

Build measurement views that highlight your impact on every company’s respective performance KPIs.

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The Singular Solution

Your clients’ end-to-end marketing growth infrastructure through one simple, holistic system

Effectively support all of your clients’ campaigns from one place

Whether managing a handful or dozens of client accounts, Singular can help you manage them all and view the respective insights in one easy-to-analyze place.

Assign and customize permissions for different users

Give relevant stakeholders the exact access to the information they need.

Singular’s robust permission abilities allow you to easily set up role assignments with just the right levels of access.

Present your clients with superior ROI reporting

Prove your impact on each client with reports clearly visualizing the return of every ad dollar.

Singular’s Cost Aggregation allows you to connect the dots between spend and business impact alongside relevant attribution. Detailed campaign properties like bids, targeting, and creative data tell your full campaign story with more than just cost data.

Open your clients’ view to the full user journey

Give your clients a complete picture of user acquisition and engagement across their users’ multi-device, cross-platform journeys – platforms – whether mobile, web, CTV, iOS, Android, or Windows.

Your clients own their data

No matter what data visualization tool your clients prefer, we work with it!

Singular offers a plug-and-play ETL solution that sends their data to their destination of choice, in the format they need it in. We also manage the data pipelines so you and your clients save on overhead and maintenance.

Ready to supercharge your app’s performance?

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