Security & Privacy

Up to date compliance, security and privacy measures that keep up with the evolving needs of the market.


Ensuring the safety and security of our customers’ data with extensive certifications and compliance regulations that go beyond the industry standard

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GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Any company that processes or holds personal data of either EU or California residents, regardless of the company’s location, must be GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Supportive of data protection, Singular provides API interfaces for all GDPR and CCPA functions, as well as:

– flexible data limit sharing options

– private cloud deployments

– privacy auditing

– data retention and erasure customizations

Apple ATT Compliance

Singular has been an advocate of SKAdNetwork implementation since day 1. With Apple’s introduction of ATT, our solution allows our customers to stay fully compliant with App Store policies while maintaining continuity of their operation and growth. With Singular’s SKAN Solution, we provide everything marketers need to run successful campaigns, based on both SKAdNetwork and opt-in based measurements.

Data Security: Handling your data in a secure and confidential manner

Data center security

Our cloud infrastructure stores the Singular data according to the best practices for Cloud storage security. Singular enacts the highest standard for hosting controls and environment security.

Data at rest

Singular data is encrypted using AES 256, and protected at all costs. Our platform allows for separation of permissions and roles to provide data confidentiality, ensuring the integrity of data at rest.

Data retention & segregation

Your data is yours. Singular only keeps user-level data for a limited period of time, and guarantees compliance with all partners’ requirements and constraints for data protection and retention.

Data backups

To ensure the continuity of data and workflows, Singular backups are verified, and data is backed up through different geographic zones and servers.

Data in transit

We are committed to keeping data safe with the highest industry standards, and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data in transmission.

System and Product Security: Ensuring your peace of mind

Network security

You and your data are protected with VPNs, TLS, and the highest industry standards of communication protocols. All Singular communication and traffic follows best practices for integrity, encryption, and access control.

Penetration testing

Regular 3rd party audits and penetration testing highlight how secure your provider is with handling your data. Singular continuously tests vulnerabilities and immediately rectifies any issues.

System security

Your data remains secure and private. By design, the Singular system only allows access to those with explicit clearance, intelligently limiting access to your Singular instance.

Team roles and permissions

Monitor and control the access of every one of your users. Singular’s flexible permissions feature allows granular levels of access to specific data, set by the customers themselves.

Access control

Gain secure access at scale. To support all team sizes and needs, Singular supports 2FA as well as SSO.

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