CrazyLabs unlocks efficient growth and automates their marketing analytics

By Saadi Muslu April 26, 2020


Crazy Labs Case Study


With new and dominant games emerging on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis, and new creatives added every day, Singular is our one-stop-shop for harnessing our growing amount of data. Singular helped us extract the data as accurately and as quickly as possible, and with the granularity needed to significantly scale our mobile games.

 – Nimrod Klinger, UA & Marketing Team Lead


CrazyLabs is home to industry-leading hyper-casual games, famously adored lifestyle games and casual IP games with top-tier global brands. Their apps provide players with new, imaginative, and educational gaming experiences. As a Top 5 mobile game publisher with3+ billion downloads, they’ve become a worldwide leader in casual game development and distribution.

Crazy Labs Case Study
ASMR Slicing and Soap Cutting by CrazyLabs

Their Story

The gaming powerhouse has an impressive portfolio of 40 games, across 3 different gaming labs and popular titles like AMAZE! and Soap Cutting. Not only do they have many titles, but in order to continuously extend their reach to new users, they advertise across ~20 different media sources, like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. That sums out to a whole lot of marketing data.

It was proving to be time-consuming to manually extract the insights they needed to make smarter, faster optimizations. The team would spend hours a day on tedious tasks like downloading campaign reporting across their ad networks and standardizing that data to see the side-by-side performance.

And even after doing all that work, they weren’t able to assess their KPIs like CPI and ROI at the depth and speed needed because it’s extremely difficult to combine upper-funnel campaign data with lower-funnel attribution data.


The CrazyLabs team picked Singular to automate their data management, establish a single source of truth for performance, and expose accurate, granular and timely insights needed to drive growth at scale.

First, the team used Singular’s Cost Aggregation to automate the collection and standardization of campaign data across all their media sources. Next, Singular automatically combined their campaign data with attribution data to expose deep performance insights like CPI and ROI. They were also able to ingest that normalized and enriched data from Singular’s Async API back into their internal BI to run advanced data modeling in-house.

One-size-fits-all analytics wouldn’t cut it for CrazyLabs’ savvy team. With Singular’s Performance Analytics, they were able to slice, dice, and pivot data with a few keystrokes, enabling deep analysis and rapid-fast optimizations to ensure they weren’t leaving money on the table. They leveraged Custom Dimensions to organize and pivot data by what matters to their unique business. For example, the team was able to compare performance between UA managers, static and video creatives, and across their different labs. They also defined and reported on their own Custom Metrics by applying custom calculations to spend, revenue and other core metrics.

Thumb-stopping creatives are key to engaging new gamers, so the team used Creative Analytics to optimize their creative strategy. The team was finally able to visualize the actual ad asset and its performance in a side-by-side view. They had quick answers to questions like “what’s the top-performing creative across our entire marketing program” and “what’s working for specific apps.” The UA team even democratized their creative reporting by exposing it to their Creative team to help direct future iterations. 

Last but not least, the CrazyLabs team was supported every step of the way on their journey to setting up their cutting-edge growth stack. They had regular check-ins and strategy discussions with their Customer Success team and quick responses from Support.

Their results

The team was able to streamline their workflows dramatically. Instead of spending hours every day on manual reporting tasks, they saved 15+ hours per week and were able to make quicker decisions and react to performance shifts faster. They had the insights they needed the moment they got in the office, enabling faster optimization and better performance.

Crazy Labs Case Study

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