Singular ROI Index 2024: showcasing adtech leaders of the emerging privacy era

By John Koetsier March 6, 2024

What can trillions of ad impressions, billions of clicks, and billions of installs tell you about the mobile ad ecosystem? They can tell you what ad networks are winning in the early stages of the era of privacy. And they can highlight your best bets for installs, conversions, ROAS, and growth.

We are super-pleased to announce the 2024 edition of the Singular ROI Index, where Singular takes trillions of data points and distills it into simple, actionable insight.

2024 ROI Index highlights

  • More ad networks
    31 ad networks and platforms rank in at least 1 category, up from last year
  • The golden 6
    6 ad networks rank in every single ROI Index category, an incredible feat
  • Big getting bigger
    The top 4 advertising platforms all grew share of spend
  • CTV spend up 46%
    Roku, Vizio, TVSquared, LG Ads, Samsung: massive CTV ad growth
  • Meta finds its mojo
    After rocky early innings under ATT and SKAN, Meta got smart
  • iOS outpacing Android
    Ad spend on iOS is growing faster than Android
  • Moloco does the impossible
    Moloco matches Meta, Google, and other major platforms in 1 key metric
  • TikTok leveling up (even more)
    TikTok’s share of spend is starting to reflect its share of time
  • Regional ad networks disappearing
    Global players are winning in regional markets
  • Appier exploding
    Zero rankings last year. 5 rankings in 2024
  • X: not dead yet
    Yes, some advertisers left. But X still ranks in no fewer than 12 categories …
  • Hello again, Reddit
    After a year in the cold, Reddit returns to win an ROI Index placement
  • ironSource, Unity, Aura: whoa
    Can we say juggernaut? Unity won big in the Index
  • AppLovin: ditto whoa
    Ditto last comment …

Get the 2024 edition of the Singular ROI Index

Check out the 2024 edition of the Singular ROI Index.

What you’ll find:

  • Top ad networks for SKAN performance
    • Most customers
    • Most installs
    • Most spend
  • Apple Search Ads performance
    Growth but challenges
  • ROI and retention on Android
    • Top ad networks globally
    • Top ad networks for each region (APAC, EMEA, North America, South America)
  • Top ad networks on Android
    • Most customers
    • Most installs
    • Most spend
  • All-round excellence
    Ad networks with the most ROI Index category wins

In addition, we’ve added insight from partners such MobileAction, Tinuiti, and SplitMetrics, with insight into growth via Apple Search Ads, CTV ads, the need for sophisticated measurement protocols, and more.

There’s much more to say, but it’s all in the index

I could keep telling you what’s in the Singular ROI Index for 2024.

Or you could just go look at it yourself.

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