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Ad monetization

What is ad monetization?

Ad monetization is monetizing your mobile app via advertising. On the face of it, this is extremely simple: insert ads and collect revenue. However, maximizing ad monetization revenue is more challenging.

Even to get a total, you need to add up all the money you make from each source, which, if you’re working at scale, will be at least several. But more sophisticated mobile publishers also want to know where they get their most valuable ad monetization users from, what the ROI (return on investment) of acquired users is, and what the LTV (life-time value) of their users are.

Since many also monetize via in-app purchases, you need to add those numbers into the picture to get accurate ROI on acquired users.

Singular can help you optimize your monetization efforts by automating the collection, normalization, and aggregation of ad revenue data across monetization partners.

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