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What is mobile app analytics?

Mobile app analytics provide insights into app performance on a variety of levels, including performance, usage and marketing.

Performance app analytics tell you how your app is running, if it is stable or if it is crashing, and if it is fast or slow. Performance-focused mobile app analytics may share insights about models and devices using your app as well as carrier and connection speeds.

Usage app analytics tell you what users are going inside your apps: where they’re going, what paths are failing, what activities are taking a long time, and when people are leaving your app.

Marketing app analytics show what’s happening as a result of the marketing campaigns you’re running. That likely includes data like ad clicks, app installs, opens, and may include information on purchases, registrations, and more. Marketing and advertising app analytics are critical for determining your ROAS (return on ad spend) and an effective CPM (cost per thousand impressions). 

Marketing analytics also demystifies which campaigns are working and which are not, providing insight for optimizing growth. App publishers need to know which channels and advertising partners are the most successful, and marketing analytics — particularly mobile attribution — is how they get that data.

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