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Attribution window

What is an attribution window?

An attribution window is a time frame within which a marketing attribution provider looks for install or conversion triggers like ad clicks or views. Attribution windows can be configurable, but are often seven days, meaning that a click two months ago falls outside of the attribution window and is not considered a definitive touchpoint that led to an app install or other kinds of marketing conversion.

If no ad clicks are found inside the attribution window, the install is considered organic: it happened through a user’s own initiative and not via a direct result of an ad.

Marketers set an attribution window because not all ad clicks that have intent result in an immediate conversion. Sometimes users get interrupted or disrupted and only complete an app install or purchase later.

Mobile measurement partners like Singular use last-click attribution by default, but can also analyze assisting or earlier clicks.

Attribution windows can be set for both view-through and click-through conversions. It’s worth noting that Apple’s new SKAdNetwork framework in iOS 14 uses only the last click for mobile attribution and conversions, and does not include any insights on clicks or activities that may have happened as a result of seen-but-not-clicked-on ads.

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