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Attribution models

What is an attribution model?

Attribution models are different ways of determining meaningful consumer interactions with your ads. The simplest has often been last-click attribution: the last click before a conversion (app install or purchase) gets credited.

That’s clearly not everything that happens in many marketing conversions, however. A consumer might have heard of your brand, or have seen your ad several times before clicking on it, or clicked on your ad and installed an app, but not opened it and started using it until they saw yet another ad.

There are multiple attribution models, including:

  • First click attribution
  • Last click attribution
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Linear attribution
  • Time-decay attribution

See Mobile Attribution for full definitions of each of them. Ultimately, each attribution model emphasizes different aspects of how marketing influences consumer behavior.

There are also position-based attribution models, which assign differing values for each interaction: perhaps more for first and last, and less for the middle steps, custom attribution models, and last non-direct click attribution, which values the very last click less.

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