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Cross device attribution

What is cross device attribution?

Cross device attribution is similar to cross platform tracking. The reality is that users and devices — or customer and devices — are not synonymous. A customer for a retailer or a user in a mobile game might use a phone and a tablet. Or a phone and a web browser on their laptop.

To understand the customer or user journey then, you need to be able to match up users or customers across devices, especially when you have ad spend on one platform and installs or activity on another device. Singular’s attribution system distinguishes between device attribution and user attribution and tracks them in parallel. As a marketer, you can see how many new devices your mobile campaign yielded, while also tracking how many new users ended up producing.

By implementing an API call to the Singular SDK or server with a user ID, Singular helps you sync up users and devices in such a way that you can recognize customers or users and properly attribute conversions to ad spend and marketing activity, plus assign customers or users to cohorts, regardless of which device or platform they’re using at any given moment.

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