Unified Marketing Data

Mobile App Attribution

Accurately track and measure the impact of your marketing efforts across the entire user journey with attribution solutions tailored to your unique business

100% network coverage

As an official Facebook MMP and official partner of Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Apple, and thousands of other ad networks, we provide advertising performance, spend and revenue insights for every campaign down to the user level.

Quick, easy & accurate tracking

Quick, easy & accurate tracking

Smart links

Streamline your campaign set-up and management with powerful Web and Mobile Smart Links. These advanced tracking links ensure the best user experience by replacing multiple tags with a single piece of code, simplifying implementation while improving conversions, revenue, and ROI.

Deep links & deferred deep links

Make your campaigns more relevant and engaging by sending your users to a specific location within your app. With the same tracking, users who do not already have the app will be sent to their app store before being redirected to the relevant content you have promoted.

View-through attribution

Today’s connected consumer is influenced by the ads they view, even if they don’t click. Without view-through attribution marketers can’t accurately attribute the value of their efforts. With universal view-through attribution Singular enables marketers to understand the true impact of their campaigns.

Flexible attribution methodology

We use flexible attribution methods including device ID, fingerprinting, and app store referrers in order to eliminate costly false positives. When the unique ID is unavailable, we will alternatively collect the publicly available device information and limit matching to a 24 hour look-back window in order to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

The most flexible attribution reporting

Cost reporting

Built from the ground up, we provide the most granular and comprehensive cost tracking and reporting in the industry

Revenue & ROI

Delivering the most granular ROI and revenue, Singular offers the most powerful reports for full funnel performance

Discrepancy reporting

Gain transparency of your full funnel data comparing discrepancies between reported sources across any dimension

In-app events

Identify all in-app user behavior to quickly determine app performance and take action to improve retention


Measure downstream effectiveness of retargeting campaigns and accurately reattribute users to increase LTV


Increase retention and boost revenue by understanding and linking engagement metrics to know activities in any timeframe

Leverage the industry’s best uninstall insights

Boost UA user quality to grow ROI and LTV

Use uninstall rates for the first hours and days after an install as an early indicator of which programs and partners will drive the best revenue, ARPU and ROI. Segment recent uninstalls for win-back campaigns and market research.

Compare uninstall rates across any dimension

Customize your mobile app uninstall analysis by partner, time period, region, creative, buying model or cohort. Get the critical user quality insights you need to optimize for maximum ROI. Measure performance against your unique KPIs.

Take action with real-time notifications

We offer a built-in email notification system to alert you when uninstalls exceed normal levels. Configure customizable uninstall alerts to deliver messages to partners and team members so they take immediate, corrective actions.
Connect marketing spend data to conversion results across devices and platforms

Cross-device attribution

Keep up with your users and customers across the customer journey to understand the impact of your marketing efforts. Connect marketing spend data to conversion results across devices and platforms. We track and measure outcomes from marketing campaigns, no matter the source.

Data security with trusted infrastructure

Our unique, multifaceted security protocols have met or exceeded standards of leading retailers and financial institutions. Our data governance and protection standards fully address the demands of the world’s largest advertisers. We are fully compliant with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. Our data protections include owned-and-operated servers in a SOC-2 certified facility, encryption for data while at rest or in transit, and available two-factor authentication.

Data security, data governance

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