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Limit Ad Tracking

What is limit ad tracking?

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) is a setting on Apple’s mobile operating systems prior to iOS 14 that when on, prevents app developers and marketers from seeing and tracking customers or users by their device-specific Identifier for Advertising, or IDFA. On Android, the equivalent setting is found under Ads in the Android Settings app. 

In iOS 14, that exact setting and language goes away and is replaced by “Tracking,” in the Privacy menu in the iOS Settings app, where people can select to Allow App to Request to Track or decide they don’t want to allow apps to even be able to ask that.

Selecting to opt-out of interest-based advertising or ads personalization accomplishes a similar task as turning Limit Ad Tracking on or not allowing apps to request to track, except that on iOS you can adjust the setting, if you wish, for each individual app.

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