Not yet set up with SKAdNetwork? 4 easy steps to get you there

By Lara Doel May 31, 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that iOS 14.5 has arrived (and passed… we’re already onto 14.6).

And if you haven’t yet started to seriously take Apple’s privacy guidelines into consideration, now’s the time. Why? Let’s recap for anyone who might be a little rusty (yeah, yeah, I know, It’s only the biggest topic in the mobile app world right now.) 

You have an app (or apps). In order to continue pulling IDFA information, you need explicit permission from app users to receive information about them, and with iOS 14.5, this is done via the App Tracking Transparency prompt. But what if a user says “no”? 

Well, first you swear a bit, then you kick and scream, and when you’ve tantrumed it out, you decide to futureproof your campaigns and leverage SKAdNetwork, which is the new privacy-safe measurement framework from Apple. 

Ok, now, how do you make it happen?

  • Understand your conversion value strategy: Apple only allows six bits (64 numeric values) to represent post-install conversions and one chance to trigger it.  You need to understand the best early growth indicators for your apps to maximize what you can gain from just six bits. 
  • Communicate conversion value models to your ad partners: Logical right? To be able to feed you the right data, each partner needs to understand what events your conversion values translate to. (take note: partners like Facebook and Snapchat need a little extra attention, so put some focus there)
  • Getting SKAdNetwork reporting: it’s time to look to your ad partners and figure out how they can best get your postback data to complete and enrich your reports.

Now it’s time to standardize and aggregate all of the data you’ve collected, and present it in the most visually digestible format. Sounds complicated? I’ll say that it’s certainly demanding but if you’re using a solution like Singular, it should be as easy as upgrading to the latest SDK or server-to-server solution and letting your vendor do the rest.

Looking to dig into the topic more, like at tackling conversion management and finding the right solution for you? Or deep-diving into postback aggregation and SKAdNetwork Analytics?

Singular’s Complete Guide to SKAdNetwork Success is yours for the reading.

Good luck and don’t forget – we’ve been working at SKAdNetwork since 2019, if you have questions, we can help!

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