Singular updates open source SKAdNetwork software for SKAN 4: sample apps, ad network and publisher logic

By John Koetsier January 2, 2023

Looking for open-source SKAdNetwork software to kickstart your SKAN 4 implementation? Apple’s update to SKAdNetwork for SKAN 4 is the biggest change in mobile advertising on iOS since the formal launch of SKAdNetwork with iOS 14.5  in early 2021. SKAN 4 is a massive update, changing how many postbacks advertisers get, offering richer post-install conversion insight, and featuring complex conversion-value locking and postback timing capabilities.

It’s tough to prepare for this change, largely because SKAN is a complicated dance between advertisers, iPhone owners, ad networks, publishers, and devices themselves.

It’s easier, however, if you have some reference code to work off of.

That’s exactly what Singular is providing in a convenient SKAdNetwork-App GitHub repository, where you can find sample apps demonstrating the logic you need to implement SKAdNetwork as an ad network, as an advertiser, or as a publisher.

Open source SKAdNetwork software: What the GitHub repo contains

Similar to the code Singular released in 2020, the repo contains code for:

  1. An advertiser sample app (the app that advertisers’ want to drive adoption of)
  2. A publisher sample app (the app that will show an ad to a potential new user)
  3. A server that simulates an ad network API, including ad signing (the ad network serving the ad)

Use this open source SKAdNetwork software to build and test your own SKAN 4 implementation. Note that if you’re working on SKAN 4 compatibility, you’ll need to be working in Xcode 14, not prior versions of Xcode.

If you’re building towards SKAN 4 support, also check our SKAN 4 readiness checklist, which includes details on who you need to talk to in order to enable full support, updating the Singular SDK in your app, and information on sharing your source hierarchies with ad networks so that they can optimize your campaigns based on creative, ad sets, offers, or other criteria.

SKAN 4 is challenging, but it offers much more

The good news about enabling SKAN 4 support with Singular’s recently updated SKAN Advanced Analytics is that you’ll get:

  1. More accurate long cohorts
  2. Visual reporting on D2 revenue, modeled D7 revenue
  3. Additional data via coarse postbacks
  4. Confidence intervals on modeled revenue
  5. D30 revenue

Singular was first to announce SKAdNetwork support in 2020, first to release reference code for implementing Apple’s mobile attribution framework in June of that year, and first to announce MMP SDK SKAN 4 compatibility in November of 2022.

What that means is simple: we’ve got your back in an increasingly complex mobile marketing environment.


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