The Singular SDK is now SKAN 4 ready

By Kelsey Lee November 18, 2022

I’m happy to announce that in an industry-first, the Singular SDK is now SKAN 4 ready. 

Download and integrate the latest version now to be ready to support SKAdNetwork 4.0 as soon as your marketing partners allow. This will prepare you to be able to take advantage of all that SKAN 4 has to offer, including:

  1. More postbacks
  2. Richer conversion data
  3. Web to app capability
  4. Locking conversion values for earlier postbacks

There’s still a lot of work to be done around the industry to enable SKAN 4 and support it throughout the mobile advertising value chain. And implementing this SKAN 4 ready SDK doesn’t mean that you have to start building your own SKAN 4 conversion model and BI set-up just yet. But it does mean that you’re future-proofed: you can incorporate this into your 2023 roadmap planning right now. 

Then, when you’re ready and when your partners are ready, the SDK will be there already, able to support whatever you want to do, with no additional work.

Supported versions of the Singular SDK right now include:

  • Native iOS
  • Unity
  • React
  • Flutter

Worried about your SKAN 3 implementation? 

Rest easy: nothing will change here, and you’ll be able to run your SKAN 3 campaigns and conversion reporting exactly as you have without changing a single thing.

Where to get the Singular SDK

Get the Singular SDK from the Singular Help Center.

Along with the actual software, you’ll find instructions and details on basic integration, how to use the Singular SDK to track events and revenue, how to implement deep links, and how to add SKAdNetwork support. 

There are also details on advanced options such as measuring advertising revenue attribution from AdMob, AppLovin, ironSource, or other mediation platforms, measuring uninstalls, complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations, and much more.

Singular’s industry-leading SKAdNetwork implementation

Singular is the first MMP to release a SKAN 4 compatible SDK. And this builds on what is already the strongest existing SKAN platform available.

Not only does Singular provide out-of-the-box SKAN reporting, Singular’s SKAN Advanced Analytics models missing data to give you a much more complete picture of your actual results. By filling in reporting gaps and modeling cohorts, Singular helps you make SKAN relevant, reliable, and even predictive, while always providing confidence intervals so you can make informed decisions and avoid black box solutions.

SKAdNetwork has made iOS user acquisition marketers’ jobs much harder. We’ve all seen the crazy CPA numbers basic SKAN can return, making it hard if not impossible to run performance marketing at scale. But Singular’s SKAN implementation returns marketers’ power to get accurate, actionable, predictive data.

A few additional notes

Singular still has some important SKAN 4 milestones to deliver like UI conversion model support, but we’re making fast progress and are happy to report server-to-server support is also coming soon.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Singular’s best-in-class CSM and Support Teams. Interested in learning more, but aren’t working with us yet? Let’s chat!

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