SKAdNetwork code: Singular releases Github repository with code for ad networks, publishers, advertisers

By Eran Friedman June 26, 2020
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Worried about how losing the IDFA will impact your business? Wondering how SKAdNetwork will work, and if it’ll be a viable replacement?

It’s understandable.

The IDFA is not dead yet, but it’s not dead yet in a very Monty Python way. This isn’t just a flesh wound for mobile marketing, and everyone has a lot of questions right now. Fortunately, Singular has been working on SKAdNetwork for over a year now, and we have at least some of the answers.

Plus, we’ve got your back.

Today, we’re releasing reference code for those who want to start experimenting with SKAdNetwork. This GitHub repo has sample code allowing ad networks, publishers, and advertisers to play with new SKAdNetwork capabilities and understand how they’re going to work for each party. The open-source code also demonstrates how an ad server could implement the cryptographic signatures required.

Singular was the first MMP to announce support for SKAdNetwork. Our goal is to make it scalable, simple, and seamless for mobile marketers to measure the impact of their campaigns in a privacy-safe way.

In addition, we will also release Singular’s updated SDK that works with SKAdNetwork plus more information about Singular’s ad network integration shortly.

It’s critical to get ready quickly because Apple is pushing for this to be used as widely as possible, and we expect the industry to shift to this model at some capacity. iOS 14 launches in September, and if we know anything about operating system updates on iOS it’s that they happen quickly: almost everyone updates within a month or two.

The code release contains:

  1. An advertiser sample app
  2. A publisher sample app
  3. A server that simulates an ad network API (including generating the cryptographic signatures required)

Using the code should help ad networks, publishers, and advertisers. We’ve been spending a long time looking into SKAdNetwork and we want to share our understanding so the industry can have an easier time moving forward and adopting this new tool.

Note: you will need to be using Xcode 12 to run the sample ads. Also, as we learn more and as Apple evolves SKAdNetwork, we’ll add to the code samples.

What to do now:

We invite you to watch our on-demand webinar iOS 14 & IDFA: What you need to know.
Join the Mobile Attribution Privacy (MAP) Slack group on IDFA, SKAdNetwork and iOS14.


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