17 reasons you need an MMP in 2023

By John Koetsier August 1, 2023

Growing mobile apps has never been harder. If you’re just starting your mobile app growth campaign, you need an MMP in 2023 to navigate that journey to your first million users. And if you’re already big, the right MMP will fuel your path to continued growth and predictable profitability.

Every growth marketer knows that their growth stack is critical to success.

Employing the right growth tech in the right ways will feed your decisions with data, protect you from underperforming campaigns, and help you build your LTV models. Putting the right MMP at the center of your growth stack will also provide essential data from the world’s biggest ad networks and platforms that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

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Here are the 17 reasons you need an MMP in 2023

  1. Measuring marketing results
    You have many campaigns with multiple partners and huge numbers of creative elements. Measure them all in one place with an MMP.
  2. Capturing and aggregating spend data across every ad partner
    Growth rookies don’t know how hard it is to capture and aggregate your spend across platforms, geos, currencies, time zones, and campaigns. They also don’t understand how important that data is to feed your models and your future investment.
  3. Calculating lifetime value (LTV) of users, players, or customers
    It’s pretty hard to know your LTV if you don’t know your costs or your revenue. It’s also hard if you can’t connect specific costs with specific revenue from specific campaigns and channels. But getting all these answers from an MMP like Singular makes it easier.
  4. Simplifying integration, compliance, and optimization for emerging mobile attribution models like SKAdNetwork and soon Privacy Sandbox for Android
    SKAN is complicated. Privacy Sandbox for Android is more complicated. You need to focus on your app and your app’s growth, not every single detail about how these new marketing measurement privacy frameworks operate. Let your MMP do the heavy lifting. 
  5. Optimizing in-progress campaigns
    The big platforms and channels will optimize the campaigns you’re running on them for you, in most cases. But thanks to your MMP, you can see and compare global performance, including incrementality. That helps you optimize the big picture as well as the details. 
  6. Organizing campaign data
    No-one knows how disorganized campaigns can get when you really start marketing. Even 10 or 15 — a tiny number for most — can get out of hand. Organize all your campaigns and the data you need from them in your MMP dashboard. Built-in data governance helps.
  7. Enriching marketing and conversion data for value-added insights
    So you’re doing SKAdNetwork. How do you tell your ad partners what conversion events matter to you, and what to optimize on? When you get SKAN postbacks from Apple, how do you decode what they mean? You guessed it: your MMP does it for you.
  8. Collecting data from major platforms like Facebook/Meta, Google, Snap, Twitter, Tiktok, and others that only offer full data access to a small number of trusted partners
    Some of the biggest platforms on the planet only offer full data to trusted mobile measurement partners. There’s a small number of these companies globally, and they follow stringent guidelines and requirements to earn platform trust. Get all the data you need with an MMP.
  9. Streaming data into BI systems easily, efficiently, immediately
    When you start, your MMP’s dashboard is probably sufficient. But as you scale, you likely need to integrate fresh data into your internal BI systems to drive costing, LTV, payback periods, ROAS, and other critical competitive information. Thanks to Marketing ETL from MMPs like Singular, you can get it easily, quickly, and reliably.
  10. Combining spend and conversion data to calculate overall and campaign-level return on ad spend
    Should you spend more on channel A? Less on channel B? Cut off channel C entirely? You have a good overview of ROAS thanks to your MMP, providing the data you need to make that kind of decision.
  11. Providing a single view of global performance
    Knowing what’s going on is great. Getting it all in one place with guaranteed normalized and standardized data is better.
  12. Verifying ad partner performance
    Trust but verify, right? Everyone tells you all their traffic is great, high quality, fraud-free, viewable, and high converting. All of that is hard to verify, except when you have an MMP that verifies what is ultimately the only thing you need to know: did … it … drive … conversions?
  13. Protecting advertisers from ad fraud
    Ad networks don’t have to be high fraud to be bad, but high fraud results in the worst form of bad ad spend. The right MMP will protect you from fraud in real time, meaning no post-campaign reconciliation hell. The right MMP, like Singular, will also do that as part of its service, not as an add-on charge.
  14. Creating audiences for episode and live/dynamic marketing campaigns
    Being able to create audiences from your best users, your worst users, your former users, and any detailed combination of in-app activity is huge for being able to grow with new partners.
  15. Navigating complexities in partner management by standardizing data definitions and terminologies, and normalizing both spend and conversion data
    Adding up conversion events, costs, or actions is not as simple as adding when different platforms have different metrics. Or, worse, the same metric names with different meanings. MMPs like Singular simplify all of that for you.
  16. Providing multi-platform measurement via deep linking, deferred deep linking, and tracking capabilities
    User acquisition isn’t as simple as it once was. Now you’re in the era of alt-UA, with CTV, influencers, desktop, SEO, console, out-of-home, and other channels joining in-app ad campaigns. Being able to capture your results from all of them is critical, and your MMP can do that.
  17. Ensuring legal compliance with all applicable privacy legislation and platform requirements
    Ensuring you’re compliant with COPPA and GDPR and CCPA and all the other privacy acts and governmental regulations, not to mention platform guidelines around tracking and transparency and privacy, could be a full-time job. Unless you outsource it to your MMP.

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