Unified Marketing Data

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Connect disparate data sources with the highest standards of data governance to expose granular, timely, and accurate insights for maximizing growth

data integration

A single source of truth for performance


Complete view of marketing performance

Gain the most complete and accurate representation of your data in a single view. Analyze the performance of campaigns across media sources and uncover optimization opportunities to maximize results.

Unrivalled ROI and performance insights

Expose performance insights at all levels of granularity, including campaign, sub-publisher, keyword & even user-level performance with our proprietary data combining algorithms. From social and search channels, to retargeting and programmatic platforms, to web analytics and internal BI systems, we ensure all your data is available and actionable in a single dashboard.

Export API

We offer flexible ways to pull normalized, enriched data from our platform. Download analytics and user reports directly from our platform, or send data periodically through our API endpoint.

Accurate data

Our dedicated QA team and proprietary technology ensure your data is constantly scrubbed and audited for discrepancies from network issues, human errors, changed integrations, and failed data combining. Enrich missing information otherwise not provided by marketing partners and make intelligent decisions about your marketing.

Secure & private

Our unique, multifaceted security protocols have met or exceeded standards of leading retailers and financial institutions. Our data governance and protection standards fully address the demands of the world’s largest advertisers. Our data protections include owned-and-operated servers in a SOC-2 certified facility, encryption for data while at rest or in transit, and available two-factor authentication.

Industry-leading support


24/7 global support
Account teams with market & vertical expertise
Dedicated QA team to ensure data accuracy
On-demand integration & global partner

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