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Data Governance

Make smarter optimizations and gain peace of mind from knowing your data is accurate, complete, and timely with automatic data transformation technology.

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In addition to thousands of marketing analytics integrations, our marketers gain deeper insights working with us as an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Google App Attribution Partner, Apple Ad Partner, Pinterest Marketing Partner, Snapchat Measurement Partner, and Twitter Partner

Automatic data transformation

Let us fill in the gaps


Marketing sources report data in different ways and at different levels of granularity. Legacy analytics solutions left marketers with an incomplete picture of performance. Our Data Enrichment Layer leverages a variety of methods to automatically “fill in gaps” across your marketing data sets at scale, ensuring a complete view of marketing performance at the most granular levels.

We'll normalize your data for you


Every ad network and publisher reports data with their own nomenclature, making it challenging for marketers to normalize data for side-by-side analytics across sources. Our proprietary standardization schemas automatically normalizes campaign, monetization and conversion data no matter the source.

Our standardization technology doesn’t stop there. Ensure your marketing data is clean, accurate, and actionable, Singular enables marketers to automatically standardize: campaign names, creative names, tracking links, and more.

Don't manually combine data sets again


Getting the most out of your marketing requires the ability to measure and optimize the metrics that really matter, like return on marketing investment and costs per conversion. But unifying upper-funnel campaign data, reported in aggregate, and lower-funnel conversion data sets, reported at the user-level, is a science. We’re the leader in automatically combining these two different data sets, at unrivalled levels of granularity and accuracy, enabling marketers to make optimizations that drive growth and profitability.

We make tracking link creation easy

Powerful tracking links

Tracking links are the building blocks for marketing data sets, and when set up inaccurately, whether with poor nomenclature or accidentally by human error, it can lead to inaccurate and incomplete view of your marketing outcomes. We enable fool-proof tracking link creation, to be used across all channels, including mobile, web, email, and referrals, at scale. Our tracking links include all possible data points, maximizing your ability to have a richer marketing insights.

Data security, data governance

Data privacy

Our unique, multifaceted security protocols have met or exceeded standards of leading retailers and financial institutions. Our data governance and protection standards fully address the demands of the world’s largest advertisers. We are fully compliant with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. Our data protections include owned-and-operated servers in a SOC-2 certified facility, encryption for data while at rest or in transit, and available two-factor authentication.

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