Automated alerts

Gain peace of mind and stay in the know with automatic monitoring and notifications for all your marketing campaigns

Get alerted when there are shifts in performance

Impression delivery

When data for impression delivery falls significantly ahead or behind planned impressions for a campaign

Advertising clicks

When unusual click counts signal campaign anomalies or possible fraud


When the count or rate of engagements deviates significantly from your projections

Campaign cost

When marketing campaign spend runs behind or ahead of its expectations

Click-through rate

If campaign CTR runs significantly higher or lower than planned estimates

App installs

In instances where data for mobile app installs are running significantly behind or ahead of expected


When the effective CPM for app performance media varies to a significant extent from what was planned


When the effective cost-per-click data no longer meets the required performance benchmark


If the effective cost-per-install data does not track with marketing campaign goals or expectations

Custom metrics

When performance against any tracked metric of user engagement deviates from plans or goals

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