Streamline workflows and focus on strategy by automating tedious and manual tasks.


We built automation throughout our entire product suite; from our proprietary data transformation technology that automates data collection, standardization, and combining to image recognition for next-level creative insights.

Automatic data transformation

Automatically connect, and combine campaign data from thousands of media sources with attribution data. Our proprietary schemas transform marketing data, across different sources and devices, into performance insights for smart growth strategies.

Image recognition for next-level creative insights

Understand how a given creative asset is performing across different campaigns and sources by tapping into our proprietary image recognition technology to automatically group creatives regardless of minor copy or compression differences.

Maximize workflow efficiencies

Automated alerts

Receive notifications when a rule is met based on performance on any dimension of data. Whether you work with an agency or communicate with an account manager at an ad network, notify all appropriate parties to ensure timely action without needing constant attention on your evergreen campaigns.

Budget management

Protect against missed targets and overspending. With Goals, manage your budgets by tracking spend by app, platform, ad network, country, city, or a number of other breakdowns for any duration. Run reports to determine budget pacing and forecast trends to help you plan campaigns.

Audience management

Tap into your user data to create high-value audience segments and automatically distribute them across your media sources. Re-engage inactive users, dynamically retarget users who have abandoned cart, activate new users, or encourage incremental revenue from loyal customers.

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