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Fine conversion value (SKAN 4)

What is a fine conversion value (SKAN 4)?

With the release of SKAdNetwork 4 (SKAN 4), Apple introduced a new system for conversion values that allow advertisers to track and report more granular conversion data, while still respecting user privacy. In SKAN 4, a fine conversion value refers to a conversion value is a 6-bit integer ranging between 0 and 63 (i.e. 64 values). 

It’s only available for the first of three potential postbacks for an app install, and only if the marketing campaign that triggered the app install and postback meets Apple’s Crowd Anonymity standards. Postbacks two and three are always coarse conversion values: one of three different values.

How to Succeed with SKAN?

It might seem impossible, but many marketers are making it happen …

How do marketers use fine conversion values?

As you can see from our SKAN 4 strategy guide, crowd anonymity determines how many how much data you get from SKAdNetwork:

The simple part: more installs per campaign equals higher crowd anonymity which will return more data. If you get only a few installs per campaign, you’ll only get minimal data. A large number of installs per campaign — only Apple knows how many, and the parameters could change over time — gets you the most data.

Crowd anonymity

For advertisers, of course, having more data on user acquisition is almost always more beneficial as it can be used to understand engagement, activity, and revenue from your new app users. You can see in the chart below when you’ll be able to get fine conversion values. This “fine” data with 64 potential conversion values is only available for tier 2 and tier 3.

fine conversion values

With SKAN 4, marketers can assign a specific value to each conversion event, which of course provides some level of detail about user behavior and ad campaign performance. That said, with more data comes the need for more advanced analytics and reporting solutions in order to make sense of it all.

How does Singular support fine conversion values?

As a leader in marketing analytics and mobile attribution, Singular supports app marketers in their transition to SKAN 4 and achieving the most fine conversion value data possible, based on adequate numbers of app installs per campaign. Singular provides app marketers a suite of tools to measure and optimize the performance of their campaigns and maximize results with timely, accurate and granular performance insights, as well as model data for situations in which privacy requirements limit data availability.

In summary, fine conversion values with SKAN 4 can be a powerful part in SKAdNetwork for marketers that provides the highest level of conversion values possible while still preserving user anonymity. By measuring them with Singular’s suite of app marketing analytics and attribution tools, marketers can make the most of Apple’s new conversion values and optimize their campaigns, and improve ROI.

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