MMP migration for full cross-platform attribution with zero data loss


Singular meets every technical need we have and is priced to align with our marketing budget. It’s a solution we can grow with.
Esteban Macchiavello
Performance Marketing & Growth Associate
  • 77%
    Activated cards Driven by paid media
  • 22.2%
    Increase in Revenue
  • 14.3%
    Tracked Increase in ARPU

What is AstroPay?

AstroPay launched into the Brazilian market in 2009 with AstroPay Card, a virtual debit card. AstroPay quickly saw additional needs in the market and evolved their product offerings accordingly with their mobile app on both Android and iOS, deposit and international payment capabilities via debit, Master, or Visa card.

Since then, they’ve steadily grown throughout Latin America and expanded globally into Asia, Africa, and Europe.

AstroPay’s expertise with emerging markets has allowed them to introduce approachable and reliable banking to customers and merchants everywhere regardless of where they are located.

With offices in the UK and Latin America, AstroPay’s global payment solution brings localized expertise.

  • Founded in
  • Employees globally
  • Different continents Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe

The AstroPay Challenge

Only had mobile attribution support from previous MMP

Web campaigns were incorrectly being attributed to mobile

Required better data access and data delivery

As AstroPay grew its business globally, it also grew its user base across both mobile and web. With its presence growing on web, AstroPay wanted to expand its paid strategy but ran into roadblocks. Esteban Macchiavello, Performance Marketing & Growth Associate, shares “Our campaigns were only being attributed to app campaigns which had a huge impact on our growth. We wanted to start running Google Search campaigns, but without web attribution, we couldn’t expand.” Working with an MMP provider that did not have a viable web and cross-platform attribution solution was becoming increasingly more problematic as they couldn’t confirm their user journey and see where their users were coming from. This was enough motivation to start looking for other tools and kick off MMP evaluations. Web attribution and cross-platform reporting and analytics were critical needs, but AstroPay also needed better data visibility and data output options.

Why Singular?

AstroPay’s marketing team went through a detailed evaluation of the MMPs that could support web attribution as their largest priority. After a round of RFPs and comprehensive demos, AstroPay determined that Singular offered an accurate full-funnel attribution solution that would allow for better data analysis and availability.

With a pricing model built around ad spend, AstroPay is now able to more easily justify its future investments. “Singular meets every technical need we have and is priced to align with our marketing budget. It’s a solution we can grow with.”

“Other providers bill by MAU, but this pricing model has major drawbacks, and AstroPay would be penalized for any big growth phases”

Having localized support was also extremely important to build confidence in their MMP migration. “Our team is huge, spread across the globe, and speaks different languages. Singular is able to support our entire team and offers quick communication via Slack. As an added plus for us, Singular was already working with big brands in our region!”

The Singular Solution

Singular’s Web Attribution, Cross Platform capabilities, and flexible dedicated customer support were the deciding factors for AstroPay, but they quickly saw unexpected benefits from other key features.

With Singular’s plug-and-play marketing ETL, AstroPay is able to get their cross-platform attribution data directly to their S3, enabling them to fully understand their full user journey. Having complete data access for easy internal analysis has been a game changer. “Having the whole picture is what makes the difference to our marketing analysis”, says Esteban.

While Singular’s Fraud suite was not originally a factor in them choosing Singular, it has delivered incredible value and results already. AstroPay did have fraud protection with their previous provider, but experienced too many false positives and saw rejections of valid installs from their programmatic channels. With Singular they’ve been able to customize their fraud protection by partner to ensure they avoid issues with false positives.

AstroPay + Singular = Success

While AstroPay knew they needed to migrate MMPs for a better full-stack attribution solution, like most UA teams, they were concerned about the process of switching. “We were afraid of data loss, it was our biggest concern”, Esteban shares, but those worries were soon put to ease when the team saw data from Singular’s SDK align with the previous provider’s SDK, giving AstroPay peace of mind to fully migrate to Singular’s SDK. During a migration, there are so many moving pieces, teams involved, and big stakes on the line that things can easily feel overwhelming, but with their Singular CSM managing their migration with a detailed and collaborative migration plan, “everything became easy to handle”, says Esteban.

“Before we knew it, the migration was done and Singular had delivered on their promise. Our migration went smoothly without any data loss, and we were able to pick up our marketing efforts exactly where they left off.” Looking back on the migration, Esteban says “We would probably have opted to migrate earlier now that we have seen the results!”

After migrating their mobile attribution, AstroPay pay has been able to implement new events, giving them more visibility into their lower funnel engagement. The team is looking forward to integrating Web so they can start optimizing their cross-device ROI. With the promising start, AstroPay is excited about the future.

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