Media mix modeling for mobile marketers: the Singular kickstarter guide

By John Koetsier November 17, 2022

Media mix modeling or marketing mix modeling is a sea change in the once-cozy world of mobile attribution. Arising from the ashes of device identifier-centric marketing measurement, MMM takes the opposite approach. Rather than track the digital footsteps of people seeing and clicking on ads, MMM looks at top-of-funnel marketing inputs and the bottom-of-funnel conversions, and attempts to draw causal connections between the two.

It’s the hot new thing in mobile marketing: 75% of mobile marketers are either doing MMM, thinking about doing MMM, or actively preparing to do MMM right now, according to the (admittedly somewhat biased) attendees of our recent MMM webinar.

And it has the huge benefit of being completely privacy safe, requiring no user, customer, or player information to function.

But how does it work?

And what do you need to get started?

Answering those questions is precisely why Singular is releasing a Media Mix Modeling kickstarter guide. Download it today to ignite your team’s path to understanding MMM and what it might be able to do for you.

The Singular media mix modeling guide

The Singular media mix modeling guide shares actionable insights in 6 key areas:

  1. What is MMM?
  2. Why is everyone talking about MMM right now?
  3. What do I need to get started with MMM?
  4. Key tips: making MMM work for you
  5. Setting expectations: what MMM will not do
  6. Getting started: where to begin

It includes insights from Meta’s head of marketing science, Igor Skokan, Tinuiti’s VP of mobile and adtech Liz Emery, RocketShip HQ’s Shamanth Rao, and Singular co-founder and CTO Eran Friedman. 

The bad news: media mix modeling, or marketing mix modeling as some refer to it, is not a silver bullet. 

Guess what: neither was IDFA. Nor is GAID, or SKAdNetwork, or Privacy Sandbox for Android, or any other attribution technology and methodology.

The good news: using it well for what it’s designed to do has literally saved mobile marketing companies — not just big old CPG brands — hundreds of thousands of dollars by identifying incremental spend versus just another fishing pole in the same stream as all your other poles. Marketing mix modeling can also illuminate the impact of hard-to-track channels such as CTV/streaming, and offline marketing.

Get started: grab the guide

Hopping on the media mix modeling train isn’t a one-stop journey. It’s going to take some time, some effort, and a significant amount of clean, usable data. Singular’s guide won’t do all of that for you.

But it will highlight where to start, how to begin, and offer some expert tips on how to set up media mix modeling that you can trust to provide valuable insights. And it will show how MMM is a key part of the the hybrid measurement strategy that will be the foundation of marketing measurement in the age of privacy.

Perhaps even more valuable, Singular’s MMM guide will share what you should NOT expect media mix modeling to do: what it is not designed for, and what it will not deliver. That will help you not only level-set expectations for your team, but also help you define use-cases that make sense for different teams and different roles in your organization.
Get the free guide today.

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